fact or myth signpostSSDI Myths

The Social Security disability is a huge government bureaucratic program with many rules and challenges developed over the past sixty plus years. As such, several myths have arisen and are commonly believed. We will look at a few of these myths and explain the truths behind them.

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man thinking-250Available Free or Low Cost Healthcare

When the Affordable Care Act was proposed many people thought they would receive free healthcare courtesy of the new law. Over the years many have come to realize that they are still left in a gap- unable to afford the monthly cost or deductible and also unable to pay for doctors and treatment. Many people with disabling conditions find themselves between a rock and a hard place trying to get treatment and need to know where to go to see a healthcare provider.

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SSA LogoSocial Security Disability Statistics for July 2016

Statistics provided by the Social Security Administration follow a couple months behind. Here is the latest information.

Number of people receiving Social Security disability benefits who are disabled, under age 65-
    The average monthly benefit amount for a disabled worker was $1,166.

Number of people receiving SSI only age 18 to 64-
       4,877,000 with an average monthly pay of $561.  

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candleDisability and Suicide

Suicide rates among people with disabilities tend to be higher than the general population. This statistic becomes even starker when we consider that an average of twenty-two members of our military commit suicide each day. Many of these men and women have made this ultimate decision to end their battle with a mentally disabling condition called post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). Why are suicides higher among people with disabilities?

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Man in pain

Chronic Pain Treatment Options

Severe chronic pain pervades every aspect of a person’s life and affects family members as well. Most pain patients also suffer from depression due to lack of sleep, lack of mobility and may even be depressed due to lack of perceived treatment options. But Chronic pain patients should take heart in knowing that new treatments are on the way.

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