man and lady inside houseHelp Me! I’m a Care Giving Spouse!

The New York Times ran a story estimating that 40 million women are the primary caregiver of a sick person.  Millions more caregivers are men. Often the case of a primary caregiver is one spouse taking care of another. If you’ve read this blog for long you have read some stories I’ve shared about my spouse and the struggles we’ve been through for the past eleven years. Now that I look back, although I’ve been asked thousands of times about my spouse’s well-being, very few people have ever asked me, “How are YOU doing?”  Only a care giving spouse can really understand the trials, stresses and physical toll the duty demands. Unfortunately caring for a spouse often ends in separation or divorce but it does not have to. Care giving spousal support is available.

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deadlinesWhat Happens if I Miss an SSA Disability Deadline?

The application and appeals processes for obtaining Social Security disability benefits are tied to deadlines. If those deadlines are missed you may not be approved. I’ve laid out some of the most important deadlines in this article that you need to be aware of.

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Lions Club InternationalLions Club International- Improving the Health of Millions

In a previous blog post I mentioned that the Lions Club International provides eye exams and other eye healthcare to needy individuals. Later, I started wondering exactly what this organization of over 1.4 million members offers and how much they help around the world. After some research I found out that they actually do a lot in a several areas. In addition to eye health, the Lions Club also helps with diabetes care and hearing problems as well as disaster relief.

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free stuffWhere to Get a Free Wheelchair & Other Free Stuff for People with Disabilities

When a disability strikes and jobs are lost money gets tight very fast. Along with the disability is the need for assistive devices, medications and other items. Many people struggle just to cover the cost of these items, much less even considering recreation to relieve stress.

Typical assistive devices can be extremely expensive. For instance, I was looking for a simple cane and found prices upwards of $30 from national pharmaceutical stores. A wheelchair’s minimal price can easily be over $100 for a bottom-of-the-line model. In many cases insurance or government assistance will cover the cost of medically necessary devices, but many people are still left purchasing devices with their own money and, therefore, need to find items at little or no cost. 

Below is a list of items that I have found for free or very low cost to help a person with a disability obtain items they need. I’ve even included a way for you to visit recreation sites without charge so you can have an enjoyable day away from the house.

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lady looking leftSorry. No More Disability Benefits For You.

Social Security disability benefits are paid to people who fit the criteria of “unable to work gainfully.” This essentially means that due to some physical condition(s) a person cannot hold a regular job matching their ability or skill level to an extent that they are able to earn a livable income. Of course, being a government program, that definition is way more simplistic than it is in real life and that is where this article comes in. Thousands of people lose their disability benefits each year.  What are some of the reasons people lose their benefits?

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