greeting cardsDon’t Send Just a Card. Send…

Throughout the years we’ve blogged several times about depression and provided suggestions on how to help overcome its repressive feelings. Most, if not every article, encouraged the reader to focus on other people. Moving your thoughts away from yourself and your situation toward other people can help lift your own dour mood. Of course, a person with disabilities may find it difficult to get outside their home to do things for someone else.  So here’s another idea. Send cards.  But when you send a thoughtful card to someone else you don’t just send a card. You send a part of you as your depression lifts.


Below are some organizations and people you might consider sending a card through or to, but a more thorough internet search will connect you with people of common interests that you might actually be able to develop a friendly relationship with for ongoing support. 

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man with crutchesIs the Federal Government Hurting People with Disabilities?

Over the course of time the federal government has passed many rules and laws governing people with disabilities, specifically stating how they can be treated in the business world. Although some good has come out of these actions such as the American Disabilities Act (ADA) which forced the private and government sectors to become accessible to those with disabilities. However, sometimes it seems that for every step of progress there are steps backward.

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heart with doveConsider Becoming a Donor Today


Chris Henry had a promising career with the Cincinnati Bengals as a wide-receiver. However the dream ended with a horrific car accident in December 2009. After Chris was declared dead the next morning, his mother, Carolyn Henry Glasby, consented for his organs to be donated to people in need. Subsequently, his lungs, liver, pancreas and kidneys were given to people whose lives hung in the balance between death and life. Below is a video of his mom’s story.

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test written on chalkboardWhat is the “Recent Work Test”?

The Social Security Administration has set numerous qualifications for Social Security Disability. One of the automatic disqualifiers for benefits is failure to pass the Recent Work Test. What is this test that bears so heavily on the applicant?

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