rattlesnakeForgive or Snake?

Every one of us knows of someone who is constantly upset, angered and harbors resentment. Few of us, want to be around such people for extended periods of time. Having a disability and dealing with bitterness and forgiveness can go hand in hand. If you have a disability, especially one that involves chronic pain, it can be easy to have an unforgiving attitude toward those or what you may perceive to have caused your medical condition whether they be actual people or just fate. However, medical studies are showing that an unforgiving attitude leading to bitterness can make healing take longer or, even worse, can cause additional medical conditions.

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baby-250Cord Blood Donation

Buzz within the medical and scientific community at the beginning of this century was about the miraculous healing nature of cord blood. Scientists had determined that they could take stem cells from the blood and use them as foundations for healing a list of ailments. Researchers felt that they were on the edge of great discoveries. Yet the thought of storing the blood for future emergencies was still so new that, in 2001, my son’s birth doctor wrinkled up his nose and said he could not think of any reason to save the precious fluid.

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SSA LogoSocial Security Disability Statistics for May 2016

Statistics provided by the Social Security Administration follow a couple months behind. Here is the latest information.

Number of people receiving Social Security disability benefits who are disabled, under age 65-
    14,177,000 (includes children receiving SSI).
    The average monthly benefit amount for a disabled worker was $1,166.

Number of people receiving SSI only age 18 to 64-
       4,9036,000 with an average monthly pay of $560.  

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Colonial LadyHeroines Making a Difference

The American Revolutionary War was a time of national upheaval and unrest. Numerous men rose to heroic status and we can name many of their names off the top of our heads. Men such as John Henry, John Hancock, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and a dozen more are highlighted in our history books. But if we are asked to name some heroines we would start running into trouble. Betsy Ross, credited with designing the American flag, is probably one of the most remembered women. Beyond her, most of us can’t name another woman who was instrumental in shaping our country. Perhaps during this week of our country’s 240th birthday we could take a minute to learn about some of the unsung heroines of the war that birthed our country.

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handing moneyFinancial Help in Atlanta (and the Rest of the Country)

Having a disability can really put a damper on income. It is not uncommon for people to file for bankruptcy or lose their homes while waiting as long as two years for Social Security disability benefits to be approved. Even if everything is going your way and your initial application is approved, the wait time to actually receive a check can be six to seven months after the disability began. Although we are going to review some of the ways to obtain financial assistance in Atlanta, many of these same opportunities exist in other locations throughout our country.

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