physical fitPass the Residual Functional Capacity Test

The Residual Functional Capacity test (RFC) is one of the determining factors of acceptance or denial of Social Security Disability benefits. In some cases this one assessment makes all the difference. When you apply for disability benefits an SSA assessor completes the assessment based on the medical records you have submitted or the SSA has gathered. Although there is a section for the assessor to list deviations between medical records and what you have indicated your problems are, it is primarily based on the written documents your doctor(s) sent to the SSA.

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fireplace‘Tis the Season for Warmth

As families across the country sit down together to enjoy holiday festivities some people will be worrying how they are going to pay the heating bill. Fortunately there is a program called Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) that is available in all states and has been providing financial assistance for heating bills since 1981. Funding amounts vary by area, but some assistance packages will pay as much as $1,000 to needy families.

LIHEAP is funded through the Federal Government’s The Office of Community Services (OCS), Division of Energy Assistance. Funds that began being released in October to groups contracted for disbursement will total over $3 billion this winter.

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med-braceletCompassionate Allowances

Certain medical conditions are so severe that the Social Security Administration automatically assumes anyone suffering with them is unable to work gainfully and thus qualifies for disability benefits. People who can show they have these conditions usually are accepted on initial application therefore it is important to know what medical conditions comprise the compassionate allowances list to include them on your application if possible.

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