ssa-checkCan a Debt Collector Take My Social Security Check?

In this day and age debt is easy to accumulate, even if we try everything possible to prevent it. Debt is very real to those who have applied for Social Security disability and are unable to work and are expected to live with little or no income for months or years while the Administration makes a decision on their benefits application.  During this time many people end up using their credit cards to buy food, medicine and pay bills. Medical debt can increase significantly. The combination can result in large amounts of debt with debt collection agencies eagerly chomping at the bit to get hold of your money when it starts to come in.

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man with cell phone5 Phone Apps for People with Disabilities

Below are five phone apps we found that could be of assistance to people with various disabilities. We have not personally tried all of these apps, therefore we cannot vouch for them. We are also not affiliated with any of the developers or companies mentioned.

Parking Mobility (iPhone, Android)

Have you ever wandered around an unfamiliar area looking for public handicap parking? This app provides user edited maps of available parking spaces. Users can upload new spaces, delete ones that no longer exist and report parking abusers. According to the developers, adding new parking areas only takes about 30 seconds and you will be helping others in your community too. This app has mixed reviews on Google Play. Many people are writing that abuse reporting does not work, but it can still provide parking location assistance.

SoundAMP Lite (iPhone $0.99) and Hearing Enhancer (Android)

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John Bramblitt painting portrait of young boyInspiration in Color- A Blind Artist

Every once in a while someone comes along that can be an inspiration to anyone whether they have a disability or not. John Bramblitt is such a person. Over ten years ago John lost his site due to epilepsy. Although his eyes are fine, he has lost the part of the brain that creates images from what his eyes see.

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We Remember You

Remembering those who lost their lives on this day 13 years ago in NY, DC & PA. But not only them, we remember the workers who have become ill and those who died due to working at the sites. We also remember the thousands (heroes really) who voluntarily joined our armed forces and were injured or killed while attempting to keep us protected and safe.

doctor at deskDoctor Swap

Recently Sarah, a young lady with a solid history of medical issues, needed to change doctors due to her physician no longer practicing medicine. After contacting a new doctor, he initially refused to take her on as a patient, but then stated he would, but indicated he would only do so under the condition that her pain management prescriptions would be reduced to approximately one-half her current dose. After her first appointment the doctor not only agreed to continue seeing her but wrote full dose prescriptions. What you do and how you approach a new doctor may help make the transition easier for both you and the physician. Here are Sarah’s secrets for a successful doctor swap.

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