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Chronic Pain Treatment Options

Severe chronic pain pervades every aspect of a person’s life and affects family members as well. Most pain patients also suffer from depression due to lack of sleep, lack of mobility and may even be depressed due to lack of perceived treatment options. But Chronic pain patients should take heart in knowing that new treatments are on the way.

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SSA LogoSocial Security Disability Statistics for June 2016

Statistics provided by the Social Security Administration follow a couple months behind. Here is the latest information.

Number of people receiving Social Security disability benefits who are disabled, under age 65-
    14,143,000 (includes children receiving SSI).
    The average monthly benefit amount for a disabled worker was $1,166.

Number of people receiving SSI only age 18 to 64-
       4,884,000 with an average monthly pay of $560.  

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application and penTips for Completing an SSDI Application

The first step to getting the ball rolling for Social Security disability benefits is completion of the online application which can be found at About a week after you submit the form you will receive a stack of paperwork in the mail that must be filled out. Proper completion of the online application as well as the initial paperwork has a bearing on whether your benefits are approved.

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No!Don’t Do It!

Many people are denied Social Security disability benefits due to simple mistakes. Here are five items you should be aware of if you have applied for benefits.

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lady hurtingHere We Go Again…

My husband and I sat in the doctor’s office for his monthly pain management appointment. For several years his pain had been controlled at a livable level with pain medications, but as a result of the DEA’s war on pain management doctors we had lost our doctor. Now we sat in the office of a physician who had agreed to take my husband on as a patient and had been treating him for the past year. However, this doctor was afraid of also having his life and career destroyed by the government so he had been consistently decreasing the pain meds for the last twelve months. I had watched my husband go from having a partial life to nearly bedridden again.

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