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denied disability benefitsBeen Denied Social Security Disability Benefits? Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Most people who apply for Social Security disability benefits are initially denied. Unless you have a clear-cut physical impairment causing permanent disability you should probably expect to be denied. The reason for this is pretty simple. The Social Security Administration publishes a list of medical conditions that they provide to their examiners. If your disabling condition does not fit the requirement in this list then you will most likely receive a denial letter. The other common cause for denial for even those who should qualify for benefits is lack of medical proof. In this case your attending physicians may not have complied with requests by the SSA for your medical records or poorly documented your visits. No matter the reason your application is denied, the bottom line is that you should not consider the matter settled and make the following mistakes some other people have done.

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microphone on stageCelebrities with Disabilities

Adapters, over comers and the just plain lucky fill the roles of celebrities who have lived their lives disabilities. Often when we see an actor, politician or other “big name” person on the television screen we don’t see the struggle they go through each day in order to make that flawless looking performance. Below are only a few of the dozens of famous people who accomplished stardom despite their physical and mental disabilities.

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man talking on cellphoneFree Phones for People Receiving Disability Benefits

In 1985 Congress decided that everyone should have access to a phone and created the Lifeline Assistance program. Currently the program is paid for by telephone companies paying a fee on their interstate and international end-user revenues. Most companies pass this charge on to their account holders who may see a charge labeled “Universal Service Fund” on their bill. The amount of the charge is determined by the Federal Communications Commission and is changed from time to time. Currently the charge is about 18% of the telephone company’s long distance end-user revenues. The Phone company is allowed to decide how to spread the charge out among its customers if it desires.

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disability hearingDisability Hearing Tips and Suggestions

Many disability applicants who have been denied benefits and now face a disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge look toward the experience with fear and trepidation. But there is no reason to fear the upcoming hearing if your claim is true. However, even rock solid applicants can stumble when facing a judge, so here are some tips and suggestions to help your hearing go better and for you to present a stronger case.

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man sitting in front of houseCan I get Mortgage with Social Security Disability?

Just because someone is receiving Social Security disability benefits does not mean they should not want or have a nice home to live in. Similarly with people who are not receiving disability payments, the home's size, type, location and niceness is primarily dictated by what a person can afford in monthly payments, but simply receiving disability benefits does not prevent a person from obtaining a mortgage.

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