Advantages of Having a Social Security Disability AttorneyAdvantages of Having a Social Security Disability Attorney

At times, filing a Social Security Disability claim can be compared to fighting a battle. Remember it is you against the government! And like any battle, it’s always good to have someone standing in your corner supporting and cheering you on. In the battle of receiving disability benefits, a Social Security disability attorney on your side could be the difference between receiving benefits or not!

While it is true that having a Social Security Disability attorney is not necessary to file a Social Security Disability claim, the chances of being approved are better if you have one. Although many individuals wait until after being denied to find an attorney, in some cases it’s more beneficial to obtain one before. Every case is different and the role a Social Security Disability attorney can play is based on the specific facts of each case. Regardless of this, there are several benefits to having an attorney work with you on your Social Security Disability case.

A few examples of what a Social Security Disability attorney can do for you and your case are:

•Protect your right to a fair hearing
•Ensure that your claim was properly decided
•Ensure that all crucial records to benefit your case are provided to the SSA
•If necessary, advise you on how to appeal your claim
•Request subpoenas to ensure the presence of crucial witnesses or documents at your hearing
•Cross-examine witnesses at your hearing
•Represent you in a Federal Court review of your case, if necessary
•Request a time extension
•Advise you on how to prepare yourself for a hearing
•Submit a written summary of the evidence and argument to the administrative law judge

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Why Your Social Security Disability Claim May Have Been DeniedAppealing a denial for SSI or SSDI benefits

Most people that appeal an initial SSI or SSDI denial do so with representation such as a Social Security disability lawyer. Your representative will provide you with instructions on how to appeal and how to continue to document your disability. Your representative will be able to contact the Social Security Administration on your behalf once paperwork is filed designating the representative.

If you want to appeal on your own, you may go to the Social Security web site and do so at If you later decide to get the help of a representative for your hearing, you can do that at any time. However, be sure to leave your representative enough time to prepare so that your SSI or SSDI claim may be presented in the best light possible. Hiring a good disability lawyer sooner rather than later may help you from exhausting appeals needlessly and assist you in receiving your benefits sooner. The Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers will not charge you a fee if you do not win your disability benefits! Fill out the form now to get started.

While the wait time is incredibly long, it is important to maintain documentation and continue medical treatment while allowing the process to take its course. The Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers will ensure SSI or SSDI deadlines are met, receive and submit updated medical records to the SSA, prepare necessary arguments for your case and much more.