Washington D. C. Social Security Disability Lawyer or Advocate?


What is the difference between a Social Security disability advocate (non-lawyer representative) and a Social Security disability lawyer? Which should I hire to help me fight for my disability benefits?

Washington, D.C. Social Security disability lawyer can help appeal disability case

Here's the bottom line: A Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers Social Security disability attorney can do more for you and fight harder for your case than an advocate or non-lawyer representative for the exact same price as set by the SSA. Furthermore, the Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers will not charge you a fee if you do not win your disability benefits.

A Social Security disability advocate is merely a representative. They are not lawyers. As a matter of fact, according to the Social Security Administration, anyone can act as your advocate, even a relative or friend. They can assist you in gathering paperwork and go with you to appointments and sit with you if your case is heard by an Administrative Law Judge, however they cannot legally provide advice on matters of law or advance your case to a Washington, D.C. Federal Court if needed.

A lawyer can also help you gather paperwork and file your application and appeals, but in addition a disability lawyer can cross-examine government witnesses who are trying to get your benefits denied and may even catch the Administrative Law Judge making a legal mistake detrimental to your case! They can advance your case all the way to the Supreme court if necessary. A lawyer is required to be schooled in law, typically eight years or more of higher education, however advocates, or non-lawyer representatives, are not required to have any advanced training or schooling at all.

Why would anyone hire an advocate when they can have a Washington, D.C. Social Security disability lawyer for the same price?

It is true. The Social Security Administration has established the fee that an advocate or lawyer may charge a client for their services in helping a client fight for their Social Security disability benefits. An advocate and a lawyer are allowed to charge the exact same amount. The Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers goes one step further than that. A Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers lawyer will not charge you a fee unless you win your disability benefits. This means that you can hire an experienced lawyer from a nationally recognized law firm to help you fight for your benefits and only be charged a fee if your fight is successful. Why would anyone hire an advocate? Your disability benefits are on the line and you deserve the best and most skilled representation.

How can the Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers' Social Security disability attorneys in D.C. help you obtain your Social Security disability benefits?

No one asks for a disability to take hold on their body causing grief, turmoil and, in many cases, excruciating pain. A disability can make life hard for everyone associated with the hurting person. Often the disability forces life change, especially if income is lost. Many people additionally suffer as they lose their car and house due to the inability to make payments. About forty years ago the Social Security Administration was tasked with helping people with disabilities by providing an alternate source of income allowing them to purchase food, housing and supply their needs. But people with disabilities who live in Washington, D.C. have discovered that most of the time when they apply for assistance, they are denied. That is where a Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers Social Security disability attorney can help. They can assist you in gathering the proper paperwork bolstering your case, stand in front of an Administrative Law Judge and explain your case, cross examine government witnesses and even file a suit in the Washington Federal District Court, if need be. A Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers attorney will help you fight for the disability benefits you deserve.

How do I get a Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers Social Security disability attorney?

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There is no fee if you do not win your benefits!
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