Disabilities Not an Issue at VSA arts of Ohio

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Disabilities Not an Issue at VSA arts of Ohio

Creating art and expressing yourself is a great way for you to get your mind off of things such as an illness or disability. VSA arts of Ohio is a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering individuals with disabilities through the arts. VSA arts of Ohio is located in Columbus, OH but residents of the entire state can take advantage of this program. The staff at VSA arts of Ohio provides those with disabilities or chronic illnesses a chance to participate in various activities such as painting, sculpting, music sessions or performing arts. Here's a little more information about what VSA arts of Ohio represents: "V" Vision of an inclusive community "S" Strength in shared resources "A" Artistic expression that unites us all Each year VSA arts holds different competitions and events for its participants. The organization gives musically talented individuals a chance to win the Young Soloist Award which is later carried to a national level at a competition in Washington, D.C. VSA arts of Ohio also organizes Accessible Expressions in which participants are judged based on their visual art creations. Recently I was able to intern for this national program. It was a great experience and I could tell that the staff really enjoyed working with individuals with disabilities or illness to help decrease the feeling of stress or depression that may come along with those conditions. Expression through the arts has been proven to be a type of therapy for almost everyone. Please contact the Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers if you would like to apply for disability benefits. This may also help take your everyday stresses to a lower level. To learn more information about VSA arts of Ohio, please call 614-241-5325.

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