APS - Protecting Tennessee's Vulnerable Adults

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APS - Protecting Tennessee's Vulnerable Adults

Due to physical or mental limitations, many adults are unable to protect themselves from abuse by family and friends. There are many forms of abuse. In addition to the commonly known physical, emotional and sexual abuse, many limited adults are abused financially and often times neglected. Below are descriptions of various types of abuse: Forms of Abuse: Neglect occurs when the basic needs of a dependent adult are not met by a caregiver. Neglect may be unintentional, resulting from the caregiver's lack of ability to provide or arrange for the care or services the adult requires. Neglect also may be due to the intentional failure of the caregiver to meet the adult's needs. Self-Neglect occurs when a dependent adult is unable to care for him/herself or to obtain needed care. The impairments result in significant danger to the adult and in some situations deterioration can occur to the point that the adult's life may be at risk. Abuse (physical, sexual, and emotional) generally involves more extreme forms of harm to the adult, including the infliction of pain, injury, mental anguish, unreasonable confinement, or other cruel treatment. Financial Exploitation occurs when a caregiver improperly uses funds intended for the care or use of the adult. These are funds paid to the adult or to the caregiver by a governmental agency. If you know an adult who is being abused and are unable to protect themselves due to physical or mental limitations please contact the Tennessee's Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of Adult Protective Services (APS). APS investigates reports and assesses the need for protective services of exploitation of adults who are unable to protect themselves due to physical or mental limitations. APS assists in securing shelter, transportation and counseling of those who are abused. To report any form of abuse to adults with limitations please call the "Abuse and Neglect Hotline" at 1-888-APS-TENN (1-88-277-8366).

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