Beyond Shelter - Combating Poverty, Welfare & Homelessness

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Beyond Shelter - Combating Poverty, Welfare & Homelessness

Beyond Shelter is a non-profit organization that serves the increasing numbers of homeless families in the Los Angeles area. The mission of the agency is to combat poverty and homelessness by proving comprehensive services and programs that promote family economic security and well-being. Included below is a brief summary on the programs and services provided by Beyond Shelter: "Housing First" : This program was created to help end and prevent family homelessness. "Housing First" helps homeless families move as quickly as possible into affordable rental housing and then proves families with six months to one full year of individualized case management support to enable them to attain improved social and economic well-being. Housing Resources Department : This program assist those families enrolled in the "Housing First" program in accessing and moving into permanent affordable housing. The Housing Resources Department locates property owners and managers who are willing to rent to families who otherwise might not qualify for leases. The Department also assists families with lease negotiations, educates tenants on their rights and responsibilities and how to maintain relationships with landlords so that crisis intervention can occur immediately and a recurrence of homelessness can be averted. Rental Assistance: Emergency funds are offered through two programs; the Emergency Housing Assistance program and the Rent to Prevent Eviction Program. The Emergency Housing Assistance program provides move-in assistance to homeless families and disabled individuals. It also provides move-in and rent-to-prevent eviction assistance. Through the Rent-to Prevent program, Beyond Shelter coordinates funds for families and disabled individuals who are currently in housing, but are at risk of becoming homeless. Employment Services Department : This department seeks to help families become self-sufficient and off of government assistance. Each client will be assigned to a case manager and employment counselor who will work collaboratively on a client's behalf. Service-Enriched Hosing: This program assists low-income families with finding affordable rental housing. Beyond Shelter has two "service-enriched" apartment complexes located in Central and South Los Angeles. Each site has community rooms for classes and meetings and access to social services provided by a services coordinator who oversees the provision of crisis intervention and case management services. For more information on the programs and services of Beyond Shelter or to find a location nearest you, please call (213) 252-0772.

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