Protecting Those Who Can't Protect Themselves!

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Protecting Those Who Can't Protect Themselves!

As we grow older, things begin to change. There may become a time where a family member or friend becomes dependent and have to rely on others for help with mundane things and/or task. Regardless of personal and family circumstances, a situation may occur that requires the services of Adult Protective Services. The State of California has a 24-hour Adult Protective Services (APS) program for maintaining the well-being of dependent adults. APS investigates all situations, without regard to income, that involves senior citizens 65 years of age or older and dependent adults, between the ages of 18 to 64, who are physically or mentally impaired. Due to various limitations many dependent adults are unable to care or defend for themselves and are often times abused by family, friends or caregivers. Abuse can occur in many different forms; the most common forms are physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse. However, individuals can be financially abused, isolated or suffer from neglect or self-neglect. Once a report is filed with APS, social workers will conduct a face-to-face meeting with the abused individual to investigate and assess the reported situation. APS is also available to provide guidance to family members, friends or caretakers who are no longer able to care for a loved one. Organizations or individuals who have full intermittent responsibility for the care or custody of an elder or dependent adult are by bound by law to report suspected incidents of abuse. However, reports are not only limited to organizations. If you see or suspect that an individual is being abused please call the Elder Abuse Hotline at (877) 4-R-SENIORS (877-477-3646).

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