Common Ground Health Clinic

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Common Ground Health Clinic

With the recent fluctuation in the weather many New Orleaneans are experiencing various healthcare issues. Many individuals are going without proper healthcare because they are uninsured or underinsured and can no longer afford it. With a mission to help those in need of adequate healthcare, the Common Ground Health Clinic provides quality care for those in this situation and develops programs that address the community's healthcare needs. The Common Ground Health Clinic is a walk-in and next day appointment clinic that offers a variety of services to those in the Algiers, New Orleans area. These services include: Walk-in health Care and Next Day Appointments Prescriptions & Prescription Assistance Counseling Herbal Medicine Health Education Mind-Body Medicine Skills Group HIV and Syphilis Testing Vaccinations Women's Health and Wellness Program Latino Health Outreach Through the clinic individuals can be seen by a health provider for a variety of health concerns. However, if advanced diagnositc tests are needed, individuals may have to be referred to another clinic/hospital in the area. To schedule an appointment at the Common Grounds Health Clinic, call (504) 361-9800 at 1pm Monday through Wednesday. If you would like more information about the Common Grounds Health Clinic, please call (504) 365-8800.

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