Hope for a Better Mississippi

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Hope for a Better Mississippi

The following organization may be helpful to individuals in Mississippi who are who are living with one of the various types of diabetes and are in need of assistance:

blood_glucose_measure_diabetes_check_.jpgAccording to various research studies, approximately 24 million Americans have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that can affect both adults and children in various ways. In addition to the physical and mental affects caused by diabetes, the disease can also affect individuals and families financially. Through their various programs and services, The Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi (DFM) has the goal of helping as many Mississippians living with diabetes as possible.

DFM works year round to provide hope through services, programs and research to those living with diabetes. The Foundation's programs and services are offered to individuals of all ages and include: emergency assistance, educational programs for students, community screenings, health fairs, medicine assistance and support groups.

DFM also offers patient assistance resources as well. Through "Helping Hands", DFM provides free one-time emergency patient assistance for diabetes related medication and supplies. This service is provided for individuals living with diabetes who are uninsured or underinsured. Patients in need of assistance must have their social worker or medical team contact the Foundation to verify their medical need.

To also help individuals receive medications at a lower cost, DFM provides is a free discount prescription drug card. Individuals and their families can save up to 75 percent at more than 54,000 national and regional pharmacies. The program is flexible and can be used as a primary plan or concurrently with your insurance plan.

For more information about the programs and services of the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi, please call (601) 957-7878 if your located in North Mississippi or (601) 579-7790 if you are located in South Mississippi.

If you are a loved one are unable to work due to diabetes and would like to learn more about receiving Social Security benefits, please contact our experienced lawyers for a free consultation.

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