Foreclosure Prevention

The following program may be helpful to individuals with disabilities or families in the Cincinnati, OH area who are in experiencing or pending foreclosures: As the economy tries to rebuild itself, many American's are faced with the troubling issue of foreclosure. Whether it's due to unemployment caused by a disability ( ) or having to pay many other pending bills, foreclosure typically waits for no man. The United Way of Greater Cincinnati (UWGC) has provided some information that can help prevent foreclosures. The organization also recognizes that some individuals may already be in the foreclosure process and need help getting through it. 313291_for_sale_sign.jpg The United Way suggests that the first step to foreclosure prevention is not ignoring letters from your lender. If you are late or behind on your mortgage payments UWGC encourages you to call your lender, or the company servicing the loan, as soon as you can to update them on your current financial situation. UWGC also encourages you to try avoiding collection agencies and work directly with your lender's "Foreclosure Prevention" or "Loss Mitigation" department. They suggest that you ask the departments to send you a "work out" package. If you qualify for a work out plan, various options may be available for you. In order to qualify you will be required to update your financial information. Therefore you should be prepared to provide financial information such as your monthly expenses and income. Another important activity that UWGC suggests is to seek professional assistance. Housing counselors are available to provide you with assistance and offer free mortgage tips. In addition to working with you, housing counselors can also talk with your lender about establishing a work out plan to prevent or stop foreclosure. Counselors may also be able to help you obtain emergency mortgage assistance that can temporarily assist you. The United Way warns that there are several organizations out there that try to take advantage of people in dire foreclosure situations. If your home has been classified as foreclosed, your information has been filed with a court, which makes it a public record. Unfortunately, this means you might receive mail and phone calls from solicters who are trying to get you to refinance your mortgage, pay fees for foreclosure assistance, or sell your home to them and then pay "rent". Please be aware and stay clear of scams such as these! If you have any questions about an agency, contact a housing counselor. Below is a list of organizations provided by UWGC that can assist you with your mortgage situation. Contact one of them today to help you stay in your home:

For more information call United Way 2-1-1 by dialing 2-1-1 from a landline or visit

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