Breaking the Silence

The following organization offers a variety of services and support programs, dedicated to women diagnosed with breast cancer: It's no secret that cancer is a devastating disease that deeply impacts the lives of many individuals and their families. Cancer, which is an inclusive term for a group of diseases that triggers an individual's body to transform healthy cells into a substandard state, causes a variety of side effects that often interfere with an individual's ability to thrive. With a mission to support, provide outreach and educate, the Sisters Network, Inc. (SNI) strives to empower women whose lives have been impacted by cancer. As the only national African American breast cancer survivorship organization, SNI serves as a vital cancer information resource for African American women. With a purpose to save lives, SNI is committed to spreading and increasing breast cancer awareness throughout the African American community. With the help of local SNI chapters in various cities across the nation, SNI provides the following programs: 1121367_single_ribbon_pink.jpg

  • Breast Cancer Assistance Program (B-CAP): In addition to affecting an individual physically, cancer also affects individuals financially. Through B-CAP, SNI offers financial assistance to women who have been diagnosed with cancer and are facing financial difficulties. B-CAP provides financial assistance for mammograms, prescriptions, office visits, medical related lodging and transportation.
  • Pink Ribbon Awareness Initiative: SNI's Pink Ribbon Awareness Campaign is a national faith-based educational program. Through the campaign, SNI reaches out to women in church and provide them with information and resources about breast cancer services. The program also encourages and inspires women by offering SNI members and breast cancer survivors the opportunity to share their testimonies and offer support to each other.
  • Gift for Life Block Walk: Through partnerships with local organizations and community groups, local SNI chapters coordinate and promote breast cancer awareness throughout the community. By canvassing door-to-door, SNI members distribute education brochures, resource information and pink ribbons to the community.

For more information about Sisters Network Inc. or to find your local chapter, call 866-781-1808. SNI local chapters are organized by and consist of breast cancer survivors who are aware of the need of having breast health services and support in their community. If you or a loved one has a disability due to cancer, The Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers would like to lend a helping hand. Our team has helped thousands of individuals with disabilities in receiving their Social Security benefits and we are ready to go to work of you. For more information or for a free case review, contact The Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers at 1-800-THE-FIRM. We are available day or night to help you receive the Social Security benefits that you deserve.

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