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Published: Wednesday, 14 September 2011 19:00
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The following organziation provides support for individuals with developmental disabilities in the Dayton, OH area: CHEERS, which stands for Communities Helping Each and Everyone Reach Success, is an organization dedicated to adolescents and young adults with developmental disabilities. Often times, individuals with developmental disabilities feel isolated because they are overlooked or left out of a variety of events. CHEERS's mission is to change this by promoting and encouraging a fulfilling life for individuals with developmental disabilities. Founded in 1996 by a group of concerned parents and citizens, CHEERS's goal was to provide a social life for individuals with special-needs. What began as a small group of people enjoying weekend activities has blossomed into an organization that not only includes weekend social activities but week day activities as well. 1095867_happy_time_3.jpg Through CHEERS, individuals have the opportunity to socialize with their peers and participate in a variety of activities. These activities may include:

To learn more about CHEERS and their activities or to participate in their activities, call (937) 848-4698 for more information.

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