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Published: Wednesday, 09 November 2011 18:00
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Housing at finger tips

Housing At Your Finger Tips

Having trouble finding housing to meet your needs? If so, look no further! The following organization may be able to assist in your housing search: is a FREE online resource dedicated to helping people access the affordable housing and supportive services they need. Supported by a fully-staffed, toll-free and bilingual call center, combines technology and quality customer service to help those in need. Through, individuals have access to a "one-stop-shop" of online housing information. Unlike other housing locator services, is a managed internet housing service that provides up-to-date and continually monitored housing listings and information. Listings include all forms of housing from mobile homes to duplexes, apartments, Section 8 housing, assisted living facilities, accessible housing and more. In addition to their online housing locator service, also offers additional services for both tenants and landlords. These services include:

• Disaster Housing Intervention
• Special Needs Housing Services
• GIS Mapping
• Livability Tracking Service
• Training
• Lead Safe Housing
And more...

For more information about housing or the services available, visit or call 877.428.8844.

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