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Published: Thursday, 01 December 2011 18:00
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Travel with Cheer!

742976 baggage_claimMaking plans to travel during the holiday season? The following organization is dedicated to assisting travelers in having safe and pleasant trips:

The holiday season is also known to be one of the biggest travel seasons. Although travel plans are usually made months in advanced, many individuals often find themselves experiencing unforeseen emergency/crisis situations. With the help of Travelers Aid, travelers facing difficulties are provided with the assistance they need to regain stability while away from home. While assistance provided through Travelers Aid varies by locations, services offered may include:


Travelers Aid understands that people may become displaced and disconnected from their normal support systems for a variety of reasons. In addition to providing their services to travelers in need, Travelers Aid also offers its services to homeless families, victims of crimes, families and individuals in crisis and individuals with mental illness or other medical and healthcare needs.

For more information about Travelers Aid or to find an office nearest you, click here.

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