Meeting Energy Needs

Many families find themselves in situations where they are unable to meet their energy needs. The following program exists to provide assistance to those in need in the Detroit, MI. area:

Consumers Energy offers several payment plans and programs to help families and individuals meet their energy needs and protect themselves from shut-offs. Listed below you’ll find detailed information on the various special payment plans and programs offered through Consumer Energy.fireplace2

Shut-off Protection Plan (SPP) – Through this plan, eligible individuals are provided with year-round protection from shut-off. The program is available to customers with a household income at or below 200 percent of the federal income eligibility guidelines. The Shut-off Protection Plan requires individuals to an make initial down payment of 10 percent of their total bill and participate in a budget plan that spreads annual energy costs into equal payments as well as equal monthly payments on past-due balances.

Winter Protection Plan (WPP) – This plan protects low-income customers and seniors, age 65 and older, from service shut-off and high payments during the winter (Nov. 1 through March 31).Customers are responsible for electricity and natural gas used, but some of the costs can be deferred. Individuals qualified for WPP will be required to pay an initial down payment of 1/12 of any past due bills.

Each month after that, individuals will have to pay 7 percent of their estimated annual bill along with a portion of any past-due amounts. When the protection period ends, individuals will be required to pay their full monthly bill in addition to any past-due amounts before the start of the next protection period. Participation in WPP does not relieve customers from the responsibility of paying for electricity and natural gas usage; however it may prevent shut-off during the winter months.

Medical Emergency Protection – This program provides assistance to individuals who have suffered various medical emergencies. Individuals with qualifying, documented medical emergencies could be protected from energy service shut-off due to non-payment of their energy bill for up to 21 days. To be eligible, individuals must provide written proof from a doctor or a notice from a public health official that service shut-off will aggravate an existing medical condition.

Budget Plan – The goal of the Budget Plan is to help customers manage their household budget. Through this service, individuals can spread out their annual energy cost into equal payments. The payment amount is based upon an individual’s annual energy cost and varies from customer to customer.

PeopleCare – In conjunction with The Salvation Army, PeopleCare assist individuals and families with various emergency needs such as food, clothing, transportation, shelter, home heating and medicine. Funding for the program is provided through contributions from Consumers Energy, its customers and employees.

NOTE: Individuals who are 65 years of age or older and are also the head of their household may qualify for shut-off protection, no late payment charges and an automatic eligibility for payment plans regardless of their income. For more information call (800) 477-5050. Make sure you have your account number on hand so they can access your information.

For more information about the payment plans and programs offered through Consumers Energy, call (800)-477-5050.

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