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Published: Tuesday, 06 November 2012 18:00
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Affordable Health Care

Pill Spill, 09-26-12Are you looking for free or low cost health care for you or your family? The following organization located in Cleveland may be just what you’ve been searching for:

The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland is the largest free clinic in the state of Ohio and is the oldest in the United States. This clinic operates following the principle that healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and serves individuals who are in need of high quality medical, dental, and pharmaceutical care. Services are provided at no cost to those who are employed or temporarily unemployed as well as those who do not have or cannot afford health insurance or do not receive VA or disability benefits.

In addition to health services, the Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland helps people attain needed services within their community. The clinic achieves this with their Case Management Services.  These services are provided within a short timeframe through referrals and information.  Referrals are offered in the areas of:

·        Housing

·        Transportation

·        Substance Use Issues

·        HIV

·        Dental Care

·        Emergency Food Assistance

·        Employment

·        Mental Health

·        Medical Care

·        Legal Matters

·        And Many Others

The Free Clinic provides care Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm and two Saturdays each month.  However, individual department hours vary.  For your convenience a complete list of services and hours of operation are included on the next two pages.

Who can use this clinic?

Services provided through The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland are available but not limited to individuals who:

·        Are working or temporarily unemployed and actively looking for work

·        Have no health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, VA benefits, or Social Security Income

·        Have not applied for or do not receive disability

For more information about The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland, call

(216) 721-4010 or visit their website at

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