Comprehensive Support for Baltimore’s Most Vulnerable

The following organization in the Baltimore, MD area provides an array of programs and services to low-income individuals and families:

Founded in response to Baltimore’s growing AIDS epidemic, AIRS has provided a variety of supportive services to low-income and homeless individuals and/or families living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS. Over the years, with support from the community and through strategic planning, AIRS extended its comprehensive supportive services to include more of Baltimore’s most vulnerable populations. Now serving both individuals and/or families living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS or other disabilities, AIRS strives to enhance quality of life and emphasize self-sufficiency through the following programs:walking away

Permanent Housing Program – In addition to providing housing, AIRS provides a variety of supportive services that helps individuals gain access to healthcare, substance abuse recovery and jobs. AIRS Permanent Housing Program is available to eligible individuals in both Baltimore City and Baltimore County. To be eligible for the program, individuals must: be homeless, be HIV+ or living with other disabilities, be willing to accept case management services and have low to very-low income.

Don Miller Homes – Serving as an adult foster care facility, the Don Miller Homes offers a protective living environment for adults with disabilities and individuals with end stage AIDS who are unable to live alone. At the Don Miller Homes, residents are provided with supervision, supportive services and compassionate care to ensure the quality of life desired by each resident while supporting their medical needs. To become a resident of the Don Miller Homes, applicants must be at least 18 years old, single and receive a referral through Project Home.

Un Nuevo Comienzo Program – To help low-income, HIV+ individuals with limited English proficiency, AIRS offers the Un Nuevo Comienzo Program. Through the program AIRS provides immigrant clients with rental assistance and supportive case management services. Similar to the other programs offered through AIRS, services offered through Un Nuevo Comienzo program include: substance abuse recovery, access to healthcare and employment.

CITY-STEPS – Targeting youth and young adults between the ages of 14 -24, CITY STEPS serves as intervention program for individuals engaged in street behavior that places them at risk of STDS, HIV, drug use and crime. Through CITY STEPS, youth and young adults are provided with an array of comprehensive services that include housing and case management services to help prevent future occurrences of homelessness or exposure to past street behavior.

GEAR – AIRS offer the GEAR program for individuals who are seeking personal development and involvement within the community. GEAR is a workforce development program for youth and adults. Through the program, AIRS and CITY STEPS residents receive interest, skills and education assessments in addition to mentoring services and job preparation and placement.

At The Door Program – Through the At The Door Program, AIRS provides HIV+ ex-offenders leaving the system with supportive housing as well as a variety of services to help successfully reconnect them to their community. Services offered through the At The Door Program include: supportive case management, access to healthcare, substance abuse recovery programs, education and employment opportunities. To be eligible for the program, individuals must: be a Baltimore City resident, be homeless, have low-to-no income, have no family or support system and recently released from the prison system. Individuals must also provide proof of household income as well as proof of disability to be eligible for the program.

For more information about the services and programs offered through AIRS, call (410) 576-5070 or check out their website

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