Reuniting Parents and Children

For parents of children who are in out-of-home placement, it can be overwhelming to navigate the path to reuniting their family.  The following organization in Philadelphia may be able to help:

Achieving Reunification Center (ARC) is an unparalleled service organization that provides assistance in various capacities to parents struggling with barriers involved in trying to reunite their families. ARC is the only facility in the nation that specifically targets its efforts toward bringing together families that have children in out-of-home placement.  They also understand that parents in these circumstances must face many confusing and often conflicting requirements mandated by workforce policies, public benefits rules, and child welfare services.  To help parents navigate the path of reunification by establishing a stable, loving home and self-sufficiency, ARC offers the following services:

Technology support:  It is difficult to function in today’s society without computer access and basic computer skills. The Achieving Reunification Center has a modern computer lab that provides parents not only with computer access, but also the opportunity to participate in classes ranging from basic computer operation, typing, e-mail, internet queries, and Microsoft Office software.  Open computer lab sessions at ARC allow parents, at their own pace, learn these basic computer skills so that they may find success in our technology-driven wfile0001546845570orkforce.

Workforce Development:  The Achieving Reunification Center offers participating parents a non-threatening environment where they can enhance their skills to prepare for and connect to part-time and full-time employment. The first part of the process is an employment assessment, where current skills, interests, and past work experiences are evaluated. Through their workforce development program, ARC then offers instruction and workshops on important subjects like job search skills, resume and cover letter construction, and interview strategy, and other “workplace survival” necessities.  Additionally, ARC can provide professional clothing for interviews and has many linkages to job training and employment opportunities.

Children’s Learning Center:  ARC also serves parents in the process of reunification by offering the Children’s Learning Center. This center serves as more than a simple family visitation site. The learning center also offers structured activities for children of all ages and private Filial Play Therapy sessions for children ages 3- 12. Filial play therapy is a unique way to strengthen the bond between parents and their children, remove communication barriers, and have a ton of fun. The Children’s Learning Center facility is open Monday through Saturday for prescheduled visits.

Housing and Financial Counseling:  To reunite their families, it is necessary for parents to find and attain safe, stable, affordable housing. ARC provides its Housing and Financial Counseling program, which offers educational housing services, to make sure parents achieve just that goal. Workshops and counseling projects offered by ARC cover pertinent topics like application preparation, tenant rights, Section 8 housing opportunities, financial planning, banking solutions, free income tax preparation, and various other advocacy matters.

Fatherhood support:  The reunification process is difficult for all parents and caregivers.  The Achieving Reunification Center understands that this can be especially true for fathers, and fathers play a critical role in the development and growth of their children and families. To support participating fathers, ARC provides programs specifically designed for men to enhance their life skills.  These include parenting training, health/nutrition classes, and home safety/management workshops.  All services offered through ARC’s fatherhood support program promote personal development, so they may able to achieve self-sufficiency.

For more information about the services offered through Achieving Reunification Center, please contact (267) 514--3500 or visit them online at

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