BlogLeading the Way in Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment

The following organization hopes to provide vulnerable children in the Los Angeles area the opportunity to achieve endless possibilities:

Children's Bureau of Los Angeles is the largest investor in child abuse prevention, treatment and advocacy in the United States.  They are committed to protect children from situations of neglect and abuse by offering an array of prevention programs designed to nurture the child, strengthen the family and build a caring community. In addition to prevention programs, Children’s Bureau hopes to advance the welfare of children and allow them the opportunity to grow into caring and productive adults by providing their knowledge and resources about foster care, adoptions, support groups, child development, school readiness, family resource centers, parent education, mental health counseling, research and advocacy.



Magnolia Community Initiative – The Magnolia Community Initiative is a model that has been realized, which could be used on a national scale.  This initiative has proven that a sustainable, successful and family-focused community can exist.  To establish this community requires a commitment from individuals and organizations to create the environment necessary to continuously improve, align and coordinate efforts to achieve community economic stability, health and well-being.

Family Resource Centers â€“ Children’s Bureau has seven Family Resource Centers (FRCs) located in Los Angeles and Orange counties, which serve as a one-stop shop for parents to unite with local agencies and find comprehensive services and support. These centers offer case management services to connect high-risk families with resources that strengthen family functioning in areas like parent education, after-school activities, domestic violence counseling, legal assistance, adult literacy and English as a Second Language classes.

NuParent â€“ The parent education program offered by Children’s Bureau, NuParent, provides group support and an opportunity to bond with their child through care classes that cover the stages of a childcare from birth to age five.

Kindergarten Readiness â€“ This program serves children up to the age of five as they approach entering into kindergarten.  The curriculum covers subjects like the alphabet, colors, numbers, shapes, phonics, reading, math, and science aiming to establish skills necessary to have success in school and create lifelong learners.


Foster Care and Adoption – Foster care and adoption are a tremendous way for people who want to parent give back to their communities. To help them, Children’s Bureau has a reputable foster care and adoption program that helps more than 500 foster children find safe, nurturing homes. Adoption from foster care is promoted when it is in the best interest of the child. Foster care and adoption families are provided with additional help through resources, therapy, mentoring and support groups affilliated with the Children's Bureau.

Mental Health Services – Through their Mental Health Service, Children’s Bureau help children and their caregivers by offering a bevy of therapeutic treatment options ranging from medication management to group therapy. Before treatment a comprehensive assessment is performed, and all treatment is customized to meet the specific needs of the child and family. 

Training and Advocacy:

Children’s Bureau provides hundreds of direct services each year to vulnerable children and their families. They are able to have an even greater impact by offering training and technical support to other child health and welfare organizations.  Additionally, the Children's Bureau's advocacy efforts focus on promoting investment in the early years to allow them the opportunity to grow into the caring and productive adults that they deserve to become.

For more information about how to participate in the programs offered by Children’s Bureau or to find a location near you, please call (213) 342-0100 or check them out on the web at

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