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Published: Tuesday, 27 August 2013 02:30
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piggy-bankMoney Saving Tips

Few people like spending more money than they have to.

 Many people could give themselves a virtual pay raise by saving thousands of dollars each year by following the simple suggestions outlined below. The annual savings after each suggestion are estimated and you may find that you save much more. We estimate that you could save as much as $1700 just by following these six simple ideas.

1. Many people could immediately save money on cellphone bills. If the contract required by your cellphone carrier has expired, then you are free to shop around with any of the cut-rate carriers such as Cricket ( or Page Plus Cellular ( Although we are not endorsing these carriers or any company mentioned in this article, both use the national cell network of well-known companies. For instance, Page Plus uses the extensive Verizon network at about half the monthly cost of a Verizon account. Real savings can be achieved at $30 to $50 per month. (Annual savings- $360 to 600+)

2. “It just takes too much time to go through sales ads!” Spend one hour per week reviewing the grocery store sales ads that come in the mail and the Sunday paper. Many grocery items run on four or six week sale rotations. Mark the items that you purchase and stock up on these items at the lower cost. Take all of the sales ads to a store that matches prices and save even more money in gas. (Annual savings- $600+)

3. Clipping coupons will save a few more dollars. Most national brand coupons will not bring the item lower than the store brand comparable product, so they could be discarded. However, on occasion one can find some really good coupons. Additionally, some stores round the coupons up to 50 cents or a dollar on certain days which increases the savings. (Annual savings- $100+)

4. Replacing shower heads with $6 heads from Walmart ( that can be switched from regular to very limited flow during the shower will decrease a monthly water bill by about $10 for a family of four. Sliding the switch to limit water flow while lathering and cleaning will save several gallons of water. Save a couple more dollars by turning off the water while brushing teeth. (Annual savings- $120)

5. Changing banks could also save monthly charges. Service fees at some banks range from $5 to $12 per month, but there are still a few banks who do not charge monthly service fees for banking and using a debit card. (Annual savings- $60 to $150)

6. Use electronic devices to save on utility bills. A water heater timer found at Ace Hardware for about $42 ( can turn the heater off during the night and daytime hours when hot water is not being used. Programmable thermostats ($20 at Walmart will save more electricity by changing the temperature higher and lower while a home is unoccupied during the day. Use of fans to move air around will also decrease the amount of time a furnace or air conditioner must run. (Annual savings- $180+)

Saving money does not have to hurt. Money can almost always be saved if you simply look around and become resourceful. Each dollar saved is equivalent to a pay raise and increases your disposable income.


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