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Published: Monday, 19 May 2014 07:26
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man helping girlEaster Seals for People with Disabilities

Often we associate Easter Seals with helping infants and children, however, Easter Seals Disability services offers a wide variety of programs for adults, both young and old as well as their caregivers.

As one of its most extensive services, Easter Seals operates 50 adult day service centers in 15 states. Services vary by location, but as a whole, adults will find a place to socialize, be active and receive some healthcare services such as physical therapy and medical supervision. Additionally, the center enables the caregiver an opportunity to accomplish needed tasks, take a breather or even work a job.

Most of the centers charge for their services, however in many instances the cost may be covered by state or local agencies or private insurance. You can check to see if a center is near you by visiting the Easter Seals website (

Other services Easter Seals provides is employment and training for thousands of people with disabilities. Annually the Workforce Development Service teaches employment necessary skills to about 35,000 people. The organization also understands that just learning a skill is not enough to find a job, therefore they also teach people how to conduct job searches and can assist in job coaching and placement assistance. One other way ES may be able to help a person with a disability is through providing assistive devices or putting a person in contact with device suppliers to help overcome obstacles in the workplace. Fill out the contact form on Easter Seals’ website for more information about workforce development (

ES is quite aware that work with no play is not a good life either. Through its many recreational activities and camps, people with disabilities can find places that allow them to have fun and enjoy life in tune with their specific needs. Activities may include evening social gatherings and community outings. Camps may be residential or day-focused. However, both are designed to be fully accessible with numerous activities to help build physical and mental skills.

Across the country and for many decades, Easter Seals has made important differences in people’s lives. The Cochran Firm wishes to thank this organization for all the great things they have accomplished over the years.



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