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The arrival of summer heralds in trip-taking season. Most family trips are major undertakings any way, but making adjustments for a fellow traveler with a disability can add to the challenge. The websites listed here are designed to help remove some of the angst and make the family trip smoother as well as give some far-out ideas for your summer excursion.

Traveling With Children With Physical Disabilities

Accessible Playground
Children often have difficulty when cooped up in a car for long periods of time. Providing opportunities for energy release may help the trip flow much smoother. Accessible provides a list of about 800 playgrounds in the U.S. that are designed for children with disabilities. Readers are encouraged to list accessible playgrounds that are not already listed and to make corrections in the event provided information is wrong or incomplete.

International Exploration with Disabilities

Flying Wheels Travel

If you are looking for world-wide adventure consider discussing your dream with Flying Wheels Travel. They bill themselves as the first and most experienced travel agency for people with physical disabilities, chronic illness or difficulty walking. Some of their advertised trips look like a lot of fun! Upcoming trips are planned for New Zealand, Rhine River, Italy, Moscow, Peru, Galapagos and Amazon.


Epic Enabled
If you thought an African Safari was not an option, think again! Epic Enabled offers five to twelve day scheduled tours as well as private and personalized itineraries to people with mobility, vision and hearing impairments on safaris out of Johannesburg, South Africa . They have been offering their “Enabled” tours designed for people with disabilities for 13 years and utilize their own wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Disabled Go
Visit before you physically visit the United Kingdom and your trip may be smoother. This website features over 12,000 places of interest and has tips provided by the site’s own specialist surveyors who have personally visited each location and reviewed it for accessibility.

Traveling With Disabilities Within the U.S.

Wheel Chair Traveling

Some of us can’t travel across the world right now, so when planning a trip in the U.S. take a minute to visit Although the site does offer international destination suggestions, it has many more suggestions about places to visit closer to home. Click on the map and select your state to view ideas.

Big Bear Countree

The owner of Big Bear Countree, located in Portland, Oregon has been paralyzed at chest level and down for over thirty years. As an avid outdoorsman and active off-roader the accident that robbed him of movement was especially tragic. However, he has managed to discover ways people with paralysis can still enjoy the wonders of nature off-road.

Adaptive Adventures

Adaptive Adventures, based in Chicago and Lakewood, Colorado is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on helping people with mobility issues participate in outdoor sports through the use of special equipment and or training. They have activities for children and adults. Alpine skiing, kayaking, cycling, rafting, scuba diving and water skiing may not be out of the question for you. Youth camps are located in Colorado, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Access Tours

Follow the westerly trails! Access Tours provides excursions to the American West. They currently only have a couple openings for their Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks trips to be held in July and September. Other tours showcase the Grand Canyon and the Canadian Rockies. Most of Access Tours’ groups are limited to only ten people. They utilize mini buses with large windows.

Take a Trip on the Water

The following companies and organizations provide fishing and water trips for people with disabilities. The first, located in Fernandina Beach, Florida allows you to experience the cool ocean breezes while deep sea fishing. Anchors Aweigh Charters is a not for profit organization that operates boats with side doors and wheelchair ramps making access on and off the boat easier. They organization provides no cost fishing charters to people with permanent physical and/or developmental disabilities or have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Challenged America has been providing adaptive and therapeutic sailing programs since 1978. They are even prepared to assist people with low or lost vision. The San Diego, California based company can provide sailing instruction for the whole family so you can continue to enjoy this sport on your own.

Another Florida company skilled in helping people with disabilities is Tranquil Adventures. If you are near Key Largo, check out their offer for deep sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and sunset cruises. Tranquil Adventures has full and half day excursions available aboard their 28 foot pontoon boat.

Go High!

We saved our best summer adventure idea for last. Go flying. We’re not talking on a jet or large plane- that would not be adventurous. Palmyra, New Jersey is home to Freedom’s Wings International ( Using specially adapted sailplanes physically challenged people can experience the sweetness of gliding over the countryside kept aloft by air currents. Plane rides are available at the airports in Erwinna, Pennsylvania and Blairstown, New Jersey. An introductory flight is free for people with disabilities.

On the opposite coast in Warner Springs, California Bret Willat, an incomplete para, takes soaring to another level as he teaches people how to pilot the gliders. ( Bill says a potential pilot must have use of both hands to control the sticks that direct the plane’s movements, although they have cuffs available for those with diminished hand strength. Unlike typical planes, legs and feet are not needed to operate the plane’s controls.

Let the Adventure Begin Now!

Helping people with disabilities experience the world has become a big business over the past few years. The Americans With Disabilities Act spurred locations to adapt their facilities for access while the lure of additional profits in a growing segment of the population has insured many facilities have continued improving. Despite the reason for improvements, the opportunities available for people with disabilities to travel, experience high adventures and have fun like everyone else is unprecedented in our history. Take advantage of some of these offerings we’ve mentioned here. If you have feedback we welcome hearing about your trip. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Disclaimer: Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers has not personally used any of the companies listed on this page. We are not recommending or endorsing them, only showing options that may be available for people with disabilities who are planning a vacation. We have not received compensation in any form for listing any organization or company named in this article.



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