free stuffWhere to Get a Free Wheelchair & Other Free Stuff for People with Disabilities

When a disability strikes and jobs are lost money gets tight very fast. Along with the disability is the need for assistive devices, medications and other items. Many people struggle just to cover the cost of these items, much less even considering recreation to relieve stress.

Typical assistive devices can be extremely expensive. For instance, I was looking for a simple cane and found prices upwards of $30 from national pharmaceutical stores. A wheelchair’s minimal price can easily be over $100 for a bottom-of-the-line model. In many cases insurance or government assistance will cover the cost of medically necessary devices, but many people are still left purchasing devices with their own money and, therefore, need to find items at little or no cost. 

Below is a list of items that I have found for free or very low cost to help a person with a disability obtain items they need. I’ve even included a way for you to visit recreation sites without charge so you can have an enjoyable day away from the house.


Free Wheelchair

Wheelchair Foundation’s goal is to provide a wheelchair to every child, teen or adult who needs one but cannot afford one.  On June 13th they donated their one millionth chair! Unlike some organizations, Wheelchair Foundation provides wheelchairs to needy individuals in the United States along with 154 other countries. The national phone number is 877-378-3839 and locally in Florida at 954-610-8150. You can also visit their website at

Free Cane for the Visually Impaired

Free white canes for the visually impaired can be obtained from the National Federation for the Blind. An extremely simple web form can be completed at

Free Mobility Devices

If all other resources don’t pan out, then people In Virginia can turn to The F.R.E.E. Foundation based in Roanoke for medical mobility devices ranging from canes to lifts to bath and toilet aids. Visit their website at If you need a particular device and cannot find it on their website, give them a call at 540-777-4929 to see if the item may still be available.

Variety of Medical Devices for Massachusetts' Residents

Bostonians and residents of central Massachusetts can visit the MassMatch website and find “gently used” equipment that has been donated, refurbished, cleaned and sanitized. All of the equipment on the site is free, but there may be delivery charges. Visit for a list of items available. Items include scooters, ramps, shower seats, rollators and more.

Get a Free Car

Free Charity Cars receives donated cars and provides them to needy recipients. About 4,500 cars have already been awarded to people with disabilities or special needs.  You will need to write a story explaining your need for a car to convince people to vote for you.

Free Medication

Many pharmaceutical companies offer low cost or free medications for those who qualify financially. However, the applications and programs vary by drug and manufacturer. The Medicine Program can help you cut through the red tape by finding programs you qualify for and assisting you in the application process. The Program is free and you could get your prescription medicine free too. Visit for more information.

Free Eyeglasses, Cornea Transplants and Glaucoma Screenings

For years the lions club has been a leader in local outreach focusing on eye health. The Lions Club helps by collecting prescription eye glasses that are no longer used and redistributing them. They also provide free eye exams and can even cover some treatment costs for people who qualify. The first step in obtaining free eye assistance from the Lions Club is to locate a club near you. That can be done by searching their website at

Free Medical Care for Some Health Conditions

Every day labs, hospitals and doctors are researching in hopes of finding cures for various illnesses. Thousands of drug and treatment trials are conducted annually. Many of these research projects offer the treatment free of charge during the testing phase. If you don’t mind being a “guinea pig” contact the National Institutes of Health to see if your illness in currently in a research phase. Visit the NIH website at

Free Access to the Nation’s Parks

People who receive Social Security disability benefits or are “medically determined to have a permanent disability that severely limits one or more major life activities” qualify for a free lifetime pass to over 2,000 recreation sites managed by the federal government. The pass allows for free access by non-commercial vehicles to locations that are “pay by vehicle” and free access by the card owner plus three other guests if the location is a “pay by person.”  The card may also allow discounts on use of amenities at some parks. More information can be obtained on the USGS website at

This is just a short list of places where you may be able to obtain free medical devices, healthcare and other life improvements such as stress relieving recreation. Life is already expensive enough with doctor visits, medication and the requirement for necessary equipment. Why not try to get what you need for free?




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