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One of our readers sent in this note, “I've realized throughout the past few years that searching for contact information for any local government, or even state government office I'm trying to contact is a total nightmare. The contact info is often scattered across multiple websites, with each office having its own, or even worse, I end up on [a search engine] sorting through listing after listing until 20 minutes later I realize that what I was looking for isn't even listed anywhere - ie state IRS offices, local courts, sheriffs, or even the DMV.”

Our reader gave us a great website that solves some of the problems she mentioned and we’ve added to her recommendation two more websites with more resources to help you locate government agencies from small to large.


Federal lists every federal agency from A to Z (well, actually “w” since there are no agencies that start with “z”- yet). In addition to listing the usual contact information this site provides links to register complaints where applicable. For instance, you can look under the U.S. Access Board and click the link for instructions and assistance in filing an accessibility complaint.

In addition to listing federal agencies, this site also lists state offices that may be of importance at the federal level such as governors, elections, motor vehicles and more. Some listings have direct links to the state’s websites.

States and More

Moving beyond, a more comprehensive list of state agencies is found at Select your state and you can see a list of agencies and links to the agency's website or webpage.

This website also provides listings for counties and cities. When you click a link here you are taken directly to the municipality’s website.


This is the website our reader mentioned to us. claims to be “the most accurate internet database of county government offices in the United States.” They state they have information on over 250,000 offices nationwide. The site seems to be growing. At the time of this writing not all states are included. For those states that are listed, the site can be a huge time-saver for locating addresses and phone numbers of county offices. For the myriad of links that we checked, this site does not have links to agency or municipality websites. The focus is providing you with the contact information needed to visit their office or call them.

Thank You!

Hopefully these three websites will lead you where ever you need to go. Feel free to drop us a line with suggestions for more articles! Thank you, Julie, for this suggestion.




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