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We try to bring our readers informative articles on a wide variety of topics. Although most articles deal with Social Security disability in one way or another, our second largest topic area has to do with items of interest specifically for people who may be coping with disabilities. Finally, we also touch on items of interest to anyone, such as cooking, alleviating boredom and self-help. Over the course of time it is interesting to see the topics that generate the most interest from our readers. Here are 2015’s most read blog articles in order of readership.


$11.       “Random Acts of Kindness” encouraged you to do something extra for another person each day. Simple things like opening a door to much more extravagant ideas were mentioned.  We highlighted March 21 and 22 when promoted a weekend of performing acts of kindness. During this weekend in 2015 over 800 acts were reported! This year’s AMOK will take place March 5 and 6.

$12.       We have discovered that a lot of you are interested in summer camps. Our article about “Summer Camp for Children with Disabilities” ranked as our number 2 most popular article. We provided you with a list of websites you could use to choose a great summer camp that fits the needs of your children. The great thing about this article is that much of the information will continue to stay up to date for this summer too.

$13.       “Don’t Send Just a Card. Send…” encouraged you to think about others by sending cards for various occasions (or anytime) just for the fun of it so that friendships could be strengthened, renewed or even gained. Activities such as the one expressed in this article are really helpful in reducing depression.

$14.       Last February we updated a topic we had brought to you several months prior. Across America many chronic pain patients are experiencing difficulty in obtaining pain medications that allow them to live a life or even get out of bed each day. Unfortunately “Still No Medicine”  highlighted the fact that the problem is only getting worse and the political climate is fueling the drive to take helpful medications away from sincere people with legitimate chronic pain.

$15.       Our fifth most popular article is actually a surprise to me. “Can't See Your Money?” introduced many people to devices called bill readers that enable people with site disabilities to know the denominations of paper money so that they no longer have to rely on other people’s honesty. These helpful gadgets are free from the U.S. Treasury for people with confirmed visual deficits.

So there you have it, the five most popular articles of 2015 on the Cochran Nation Blog. If you missed something feel free to click a link and read an article you missed! Have an idea for a blog article? Contact us now.




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