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money in a circle around a dollar coinA couple months ago I posted a story answering the question if a landlord could evict someone who is disabled. I, of course, hope that you never reach the point of eviction so I wanted to follow up with ways you could receive financial assistance to get you past a rough point.


Rent Help

There are several national organizations that could help cover a month’s rent or help you catch up if you are behind. Many communities have local organizations you can check with too. The best way to find this assistance is through an internet search. You could type in “rent assistance in [insert your town’s name here]”. Larger cities will, unfortunately, have more resources than smaller towns, but you may still be able to find organizations to help. Some organizations will require an eviction notice from your landlord before paying funds.

For national organizations check with the United Way and Salvation Army. For the United Way, visit or dial 211. If dialing 211 does not work for your area, visit the website and enter your zip code into the search bar. Once your state United Way office is displayed, click “more” and you will be able to see full phone numbers.

For Salvation Army assistance, visit and locate your closest office. You will need to work with your local office for the greatest amount of help.

Utility Bills

If you can spend less in one area of your budget you can “move” the money over to pay your rent. One area you may be able to obtain help with is paying utility bills. Visit to locate agencies and organizations to request help from. From the home page, mouse over “State Info” in the top menu and select your state. (See pictures.) Next drop down to about the middle of the page and click “Get Rental Help.” On the next page drop down toward the bottom of the page and you will see some resources listed under Other Resources. Some states have a link in this column leading you to utility bill resources.

Other Financial Assistance

Many areas have churches that will help people too. Smaller churches tend to help those who attend their church or are living in very close proximity to the church. Some larger churches, especially in the Catholic denomination, have funds already in place to provide assistance for the needy in their community.


Replace your food budget with free food and use your food budget to pay the rent. Search the internet for local food pantries near you. This is another time to look at churches. There are many more churches that have food pantries than are able to provide monetary assistance.


Many organizations establish their budgets to begin on the first of the year. By the last quarter of the year these budgets may be depleted or close to it. If your need arises in the last quarter and you can wait until the first day or two of January to request help you may have a better chance of receiving the assistance. But don’t wait too long because other people may be waiting too!

Do you have ideas for other funding sources than I have mentioned? Drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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