smiling ladyGo Ahead, Make My Day!

Some days are so difficult to get through. It seems like our pains, struggles and depression seem to compound once they get started! Some days it takes heroic effort just to get out of bed, but then someone will come along and make our day better. Perhaps it’s just a word of encouragement from a friend. Another day it may be a note card arriving in the mail. On a dreary day brightness may even come from something as simple as a colorful flower. Here’s a few ways you can brighten someone’s day today.


Note It

One of the simplest ways to brighten a day is to simply write someone a note. Leave it in a special location, mail or email it. I like leaving notes in the refrigerator where they are sure to be found, but after I have already left the house.


An unexpected “thank you” can go a long way to brighten someone’s day. Can you think of someone who has done something for you even if it was a long time ago? Say “thank you” today.

Phone a Friend

Pick up the phone and call someone. A two minute conversation can really give a lift to someone who’s down.


In our hectic lives it is easy to let conversation go in one ear and out the other. Take a second to turn the TV off then actually listen to what someone has to say. When I was dating my wife and we were in the car together I would always turn the radio down so I could hear her. It made her feel special.


Everyone likes a little praise. No reason to overdo it, but give someone a quick “good job” .


Did a person’s name come to mind today? Send them a text message. Just say, “Hi.” Hmmm, a name came to my own mind as I wrote that sentence. It only took thirty seconds to send them a text. It’s really that easy!

Be a Tattle-Tail

One of my favorite ways to brighten someone’s day is to play with their mind but still make their day. If I am at a restaurant and have received exceptional service from the waiter or waitress I will ask the server to have their manager come to my table. Initially the server never knows if I am upset or happy but they soon find out from the manager that they’ve received a compliment. This method makes sure the server gets more recognition than a small “thank you” from me.

Pay Behind

Are you in line getting ready to pay and people are waiting behind you? Pay for their items. Last December one Florida McDonalds customer started a chain reaction resulting in 250 people in a row paying for the customers behind them!

Step Around

Similar to the suggestion above, but much less costly is simply letting the person behind you go first. Help them rush through their day a little faster. Maybe it will give them the few seconds they need to catch their breath.

Hot Air

If you have a dollar store or other cheap store near you, drop by and pick up a dozen helium filled balloons. Then swing by a park or even a grocery store and give one to a child. Helium balloons will put a smile on almost any kid’s face and, in turn, make the parent smile too!


When was the last time you told someone that you were proud of them? Don’t just thank them, but actually tell them that you are proud of them.


Talking about someone behind their back has destroyed many friendships. But here’s a way to build a relationship. Tell other people how great someone is or what a good job a person performed. Tell enough people and word will eventually get back to the person and they will be uplifted.

For Others

Thus far this article has focused on things we can do for people we know or those immediately around us to make them feel better. However, it is also important that we feel better about ourselves too. We can do this by doing things for people whom we may never know or ever meet. A few suggestions include donating blood, dropping off good used clothing to a local charity or volunteering. What about leaving an extra quarter in a vending machine?

Leave Happy

If you happen to know someone who may be having a rough day take a minute to brighten their world. Not only will it help them, but it will also give you a lift and put a smile on both of your faces. We all know smiles are contagious!



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