tennis ballTennis Ball Miracles

We’ve all probably bounced a tennis ball once or twice without ever thinking about its uses beyond a game. However, the lowly tennis ball can be a game changer for many people with disabilities. Many of the tools and implements we use in our everyday lives such as eating utensils and toothbrushes have small handles making them difficult to hold. A tennis ball can solve some of these problems as well as other issues we may come across.



A tennis ball makes a unique tool for people who have reduced dexterity from a disability or age. First, the overall shape is just the right size to fit most people’s hand allowing for a good grip. Secondly, the fuzzy exterior provides traction to increase grip.

The construction of a ball is simply a rubber sphere with a hollow core making it very lightweight. If you cut a small hole into the ball and slide the handle of an object through the hole, the rubber allows it to grip the item.


Tennis balls are cheap. They are readily accessible in many stores, including dollar stores. A name-brand ball is not necessary for our purpose but even popular brand balls can be found for less than $1 each.



I’ve already alluded to one use for a tennis ball. The handles of forks, spoons, toothbrushes, writing pens and other implements can all be made more accessible by sliding the handle through a tight fitting hole cut into the ball.

Jar Opener

Carefully cut a tennis ball following the seam all the way around. When complete you will have an oblong rounded shape that will fit over many small food jars. The rubber interior will provide a good grip.

Muscle Builder

Tennis balls make great squeeze devices to help maintain or build up hand strength.


Take a ball and roll it over sore muscles such as your neck to massage them. Place the ball on the floor and roll it around under your foot for a foot massage. You can even place it between your back and a chair to soothe sore back muscles.


If you happen to have a cat, you can make a toy for them and enjoy watching them bat the ball around the room. Start by making a hole in the ball that is large enough to put dry treats inside, but small enough that they do not readily fall out but can come out eventually. Put the treats inside and give it to your cat, sit down and enjoy a few minutes of fun.


You may be able to shorten laundry time by placing two or three balls into your dryer. The ball’s action will help items like towels or comforters fluff out, air to flow better and decrease drying time which will also save you money on energy bills.


Use a tennis ball if you have scuffs on your floor but bending over or getting down on the floor to clean is too much of a hassle. Cut the ball just enough to fill over the end of a broom handle and rub the ball over the scuff. Many scuffs will come up with just a little scrubbing action.

Make Life Easier

There you have it. Several uses for tennis balls that may help make life easier for you, even if you do not have a disability!



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