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Frequently we receive requests from people to represent them for free in their fight for Social Security disability benefits. Most people cannot survive long without some type of paycheck coming in and the wait time for disability benefits can easily take up to three years. It is understandable that many people needing disability lawyers are completely broke financially. As a matter of fact, bankruptcy and disability are common friends.


Not Free

Let me put it out front, though. The Cochran Firm does not represent Social Security disability benefits cases for free. It’s not that we don’t sympathize with people in a cash crunch. Believe me, we do. Nor is it because we’re all rich lawyers and that’s the way we want to stay. That is hardly the truth too.

There are two reasons we do not represent people for free. The first is that it would not be fair to all the other people who do pay. Secondly, there really is no reason to work for free when we are not going to get paid until (and only until) you receive your benefits. This means that if you do not win your benefits then we will not charge you a fee anyway.

Nothing Upfront

The Cochran Firm Disability does not charge retainers or upfront fees to our disability clients. Thus, there is no need for anyone to worry about having enough money to pay for representation when you are already broke.

Fee Schedule

The Social Security Administration has set rules concerning payment of fees to people who help others obtain their disability benefits. The SSA has stipulated that fees can only be charged if the applicant wins. They have also set how much an advocate or attorney can charge for a fee. That amount is 25% of the initial award amount up to a maximum of $6,000. Almost every advocate and lawyer charges this amount. Unfortunately many people hire minimally trained advocates over State Bar member attorneys thinking they are getting by cheaper and not realizing the cost is exactly the same. Sometimes bargains are not bargains at all!

Fee Payment

When the Social Security Administration awards your payment they will count the number of months from the date your disability was determined to start until the present month. Then they will subtract the first five months as the SSA does not pay benefits until the six month after your disability begins. The final number of months after the subtraction is then multiplied by the determined monthly benefit. The final dollar amount is your lump sum payment. The SSA then calculates the attorney or advocate’s fee and deducts that amount from the lump sum payment. The final amount is the amount of the check that is sent to you. The attorney or advocate representative’s portion that the SSA calculated and deducted is sent to the representative.

No Need

Due to the way the Administration has scheduled the payment, there is no need to provide quality legal representation for free since there are not fee charges until you are paid. Our attorneys will not receive a fee until you win your benefits and then the amount of the fee is sent to the attorney by the Administration. Many people receive more than 75% of their lump sum payment to spend however they desire.

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