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success beating out failureHow to Sabotage Your Disability Claim

Nearly 65% of initial Social Security disability benefits applications are denied. Many times the reason for denial is simply because the applicant sabotaged themselves or their application. Let’s look at some of the common SSDI mistakes.

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best-of-2016Best Blog Articles of 2016

Each year we look back over the favorite articles of the previous year and highlight them. Perhaps you missed them or would like to re-read your favorite ones. Here are the most read news stories of 2016 along with a couple of our favorites.

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fast-trackCompassionate Allowances

When the Social Security disability program was established specific criteria was also created designating who would qualify for benefits and who would not. As the numbers of applicants increased and wait times correspondingly got longer, the SAA created the Compassionate Allowances list so that a person who is afflicted with a disease on this list could be fast tracked for receipt of benefits thus bypassing the months-long wait times others must endure. Generally, each year, a few more items are added to the list which currently covers over 200 conditions.

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lady sitting on side of bedCare Giver Burnout

Almost 30% of the people in the United States provide care to a family member or friend. Often these 65 million people do their duties without expectations of thanks. They feel it is their duty. Unfortunately duty only goes so far and caregivers can face burnout which turns into bitterness, stress and health problems.

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broken christmas ornamentDealing with Depressive Holidays

The holiday season can be a very rough time for some people. Dealing with memories of people and events can be hard. Lack of mobility and ability to do the things we are pressured to complete can cause us to wear down physically and become exhausted leading to depression and sickness. Although the holidays can be the worst time of year for some people they can also be the best. Let’s explore some anti-depression tips to help you through this season.

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