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clock and sand timer laying on sandHow Long do I Have to Wait to be Paid After the ALJ Hearing?

Waiting months for a disability hearing is bad enough, but I think waiting for a decision after the hearing is even worse! Most decisions are not made from the bench, therefore the applicant often does not know if they will receive benefits or not. Experienced lawyers can sometimes be able to read the judge’s body language, expressions and possibly their wording to have a good idea if the case has been won or lost, however, nothing is set in stone until the decision is written on paper and submitted to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

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lawyer-2Attorney, Advocate or Alone?

Here’s a half a million dollar question. Should a person hire an attorney or advocate or go it alone when applying for Social Security disability benefits. Why half a million? Well, if a person is 30 years old when becoming disabled, they could potentially earn over $400,000 in cash benefits plus additional thousands in healthcare benefits before sliding into Social Security’s retirement plan.

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pillsDo You Need Help Paying For Medications?

I came across a website that has a comprehensive list of prescription medications paired with programs to help people pay for them who are unable to afford them.  Visit and type in your prescription drug name into the search box located at the top of the left column. If there is a program to assist in paying for that medication it will be displayed along with the information you need to apply for help. If you need help completing the application, mouse over "Patient Savings" on the main menu, then scroll down to "Help with Prescription Assistance Applications" to search for an organization near you that can assist.

But as I reviewed the NeedyMeds website I found out a lot of other things in addition to reducing medication costs that could also help you financially. NeedyMeds has compiled a list of free and low cost medical and dental clinics too. You can review any state and federal programs available as well as assistance that can be provided due to your specific medical condition.

take a few minutes to review to see if there are areas this organization can help you.

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lions mane mushroomLion’s Mane for Neural Re-growth

Lion’s mane is gaining in popularity as an herbal remedy for dementia and nerve damage. One unsubstantiated source stated that they had had partial facial nerve paralysis for 28 years and gradually regained full sensation while taking lion’s mane. Another study [i]of 30 people in Japan who were suffering from dementia found that most of the people achieved lower dementia symptoms within 16 weeks of taking the herb and the dementia factors noticeably returned within four weeks of stopping the supplement.

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fruit decorationsBored? Try These 6 Things

Many of us with disabilities are stuck at home with only the TV and internet to entertain us for endless hours. What did we do before Facebook? Facebook provides me with social interaction that would not be possible otherwise, but even Facebook gets old sometimes. On occasion I just need an alternative entertainment that still allows me to remain confined within my four walls. I have provided some entertainment ideas below that still involve the internet, but may help to focus your mind on different subjects.

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