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Thanksgiving dinnerThanksgiving (Regardless)

Like many fellow Americans over the past few years, my family and I went through a financial downturn in our lives a few years ago. My disability was just starting to rear its ugly head and preventing me from working steadily or full time. After losing his job my husband was happy to land a part-time position that allowed him to work a few more hours than was advertised, but the pay was low and the checks only came monthly forcing us to comply with an extremely rigid budget- whatever meager amount the last paycheck was for the next thirty days.

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house frontSSDI Loan Discrimination

In the past several months the government has come down hard on some financial institutions for making the attainment of mortgages and loans more difficult for people who are receiving Social Security disability benefits. Some lending companies have been requesting applicants with disabilities to provide information about their disability, doctor’s notes and/or information as to how long they will likely be receiving benefits. This is illegal and companies that have been determined to be at fault have been fined.

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moneyHow Much Will My SSDI Benefits Be?

The Social Security Administration determines the amount of benefits each person will receive each month for Social Security benefits. The big question we are asked a lot is, “How much in benefits will I receive each month?” SSI and SSDI are computed on different pay scales. Thus the first step in answering this question is determining which type of benefit you will receive.

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lily, flowerThoughts on Hospice Care

Discussing a family member’s end of life scenarios is understandably difficult, however hospice care has been designed to make it easier for families facing this situation. According to Wikipedia, hospice care began to evolve in the 1700’s but the modern practices of palliative (relieving pain) hospice care really started in the 1950’s. Contemporary hospice practice is to essentially provide medical care to a patient who has less than six months to live due to one or more medical conditions or even old age. Care may be provided in a hospital-type setting, nursing home or the patient’s own home.

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calculaterDo I Owe Taxes on My Disability Benefits?

Disclaimer: Consult with a tax accountant for a definitive answer!

Tax law is convoluted and hardly anyone (if even anyone) understands it. However the Administration has posted a small blurb on their website at to try to explain if you will owe taxes on your Social Security disability benefits.

Here is the synopsis:

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