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medical doctorDeveloping Medical Records With No Money

One of the many problems associated with the Social Security disability benefits application process is the necessary medical review. The Administration makes it very clear that they want to see a well-documented history of the medical problem causing your disability. The best option is to routinely visit a regular doctor where a clear medical record can be gathered. It can also is very beneficial to have multiple, unrelated doctors provide the same diagnosis, as long as you are not doctor-hopping for medications. Unfortunately the only way to get a good medical history is to go to doctors and doctors tend to cost a lot of money. However, there are a couple of options that might assist you in developing a medical history when money is not available.

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older lady at computerStart a Business and Earn a Second Income

Could you use an additional $9,000 per year? A person who receives Social Security disability benefits has shown that they cannot work gainfully. However, working their own business, especially a home-based business can allow the flexibility a person with a disability could never achieve when employed by someone else. After all, what employer would allow an employee to rest frequently throughout the day, not show up for work at all or work only one day a week due to not feeling well?

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male advocateExperiences of a Wife's Advocate

Advocate- Someone who speaks on another person’s behalf.

Every person with a disability needs a good advocate. There are several reasons for this. Sometimes people are more willing to listen to a third party. Sometimes the person with the disability is just too physically or emotionally tired to stand up for themselves. Sometimes the offending party will back down when there is more than one person they have to fight.

Proper advocating is not easy. It takes both intestinal fortitude and wisdom; fortitude to continue to stand up when the fight is not going your way and wisdom to know which battles to fight and which to let go.

I have been advocating for my wife for over ten very long years now. I can honestly say her daily life is better today because she had someone willing to stand up for her and fight her battles. My wife is a strong person, but is non-confrontational. Both are good traits to have in general life, but sometimes a meek personality does not get you where you need to be when it concerns doctors, insurance and the government.

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giraffesGet Ready for a Road Trip!

The arrival of summer heralds in trip-taking season. Most family trips are major undertakings any way, but making adjustments for a fellow traveler with a disability can add to the challenge. The websites listed here are designed to help remove some of the angst and make the family trip smoother as well as give some far-out ideas for your summer excursion.

Traveling With Children With Physical Disabilities

Accessible Playground
Children often have difficulty when cooped up in a car for long periods of time. Providing opportunities for energy release may help the trip flow much smoother. Accessible provides a list of about 800 playgrounds in the U.S. that are designed for children with disabilities. Readers are encouraged to list accessible playgrounds that are not already listed and to make corrections in the event provided information is wrong or incomplete.

International Exploration with Disabilities

Flying Wheels Travel

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Hurricanes 1851 to 2012Hurricane Season 2014

Just in! Hurricane Arthur to make landfall along the Carolina coastline over the Fourth of July Weekend

Hurricane season is upon us once again. This year NOAA is predicting a normal to below normal storm season. Although the season runs the first of June through the end of November, hurricanes tend to peak in August and September, but can still pack major wallops anytime throughout the season. Although there always seems to be a story of someone miraculously surviving while pitting themselves against extreme forces of nature, that is not the recommended way of riding out one of these storms. Preparation may be the key to survival for everyone, but preparation is critical for a person with disabilities.

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