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SSA-LogoSocial Security Disability Statistics for May 2014

Number of people receiving Social Security disability benefits who are disabled, under age 65-     14,277,000 (includes children receiving SSI)
Receiving SSI only-        5,574,00.

The average monthly benefit amount for a disabled worker was $1,145.60.  

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State of OhioFree Legal Advice for Low Income Ohioans

On occasion almost everyone needs a lawyer. But lawyers can be prohibitively expensive to the estimated 16% of Ohioans living below the poverty line. However, there is a network of lawyers who will provide free legal advice to those with low income.

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man with crossed fingersTop Five Mistakes People Make When Applying for Disability Benefits

Over the years we have helped thousands of clients with their Social Security disability benefit applications. Here are a few of the most common mistakes we have seen people make.

  1. Waiting too long to apply.

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father and sonFive Criteria Determining Disability Benefits

People tell us all the time that their disability application was denied but that they have a neighbor or friend or enemy who got their benefits. Trying to understand how the SSA determines benefits can be difficult because so much of it depends on the caseworker’s personal interpretation of your medical records. However, there is a basic five-step checklist the SSA uses to determine whether benefits should be given or not. If you pass all five checks then you should be given benefits, although we find that this is not the case every time, thus the reason so many people need a lawyer to assist them in appealing their case. This checklist is generally sudden death- fail one criteria and benefits are usually denied.

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purple heartSupport for Caregivers of Veterans

We are seeing thousands of men and women returning from the Middle East with serious injuries that require ongoing support. Typically these injuries require continued assistance by some level of medical personnel or the need for residence in a nursing facility. However, the Veterans Administration has realized that family home-care is less costly and results in fewer hospitalizations, thus saving the Department money. These funds are currently being passed back to families willing to provide care in their homes for wounded veterans through the “Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers” program. Although the VA does provide some support to all veterans cared for at home, this particular program is not available for veterans injured prior to 9/11/2001.

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