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workingCan I Work and Receive Disability Benefits?

The average disability benefit recipient receives just under $14,000 per year- a difficult amount to live on. Some bills, food and medical expenses may be assisted through government and private programs, but even then there is little or no money left over. Some disability recipients are unable to work for other people due to the sporadic nature of their condition, however they would be perfect candidates for operating their own business enabling them to set their own schedule and routine. Others could work a few hours here and there if given a flexible or lenient schedule.

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older lady at computerSome Ohio Residents Must Choose Insurance ASAP

If you are among the 182,000 Ohioans who are covered by both Medicaid and Medicare and live in one of the following counties:

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USDA home mortgage programAnother Home Mortgage Option

The beginning of April we told you about Fannie Mae’s incentive of giving home buyer’s 3.5% of the purchase price to use towards their down payment. If you did not qualify or have enough time to find a home, here’s another 100% financing mortgage option. If the seller agrees to cover closing costs or the lender agrees to put them into the loan amount, a qualified buyer can purchase a home with no money out of pocket. What a deal!

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now hiringThe Rules Have Changed

Beginning in April 2014 all federal contractors who employ at least 50 people or hold a contract worth more than $50,000 must show that 7% of workers within each job group has a disability (or of their entire workforce if less than 100 employees). Companies who don’t meet the mark must at least show that they are working to acheive the goal. With the change, employers will be asking current and future employees to voluntarily self-identify as having a disability. Although the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) forbids employers from gathering information about employee’s disabilities, the Employment Opportunity Commission (EOC) has made an exception for federal contractors.

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SSA-LogoSocial Security Disability Statistics for March 2014

Number of people receiving Social Security disability benefits who are disabled, under age 65-     14,266,000 (includes children receiving SSI)
Receiving SSI only-        4,651,00.

The average monthly benefit amount for a disabled worker was $1,145.70.  


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