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diabeticDiabetes Awareness Month

November is Diabetes Awareness month which allows a moment to reflect on how the disease affects the American population. Approximately one person in twelve currently has diabetes while another one in four have prediabetes or are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Nearly two million adults were diagnosed in 2010 alone. With statistics like this everyone knows of someone whose life is affected. The American Diabetes Association estimates that the national cost of the disease is $245 billion.

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tissueCaregiver’s Month

About 65 million people across the country are undertaking the responsibility of caring for a sick or injured loved one. Many people undertook the responsibility over time as sickness set in, while others had it thrust upon them suddenly and without warning. Both situations are better handled through a support team and there is help available! November’s National Caregivers Month is a great time to highlight some of the help that is available.

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Homeless-Mother and ChildHomeless Help in LA

Beyond Shelter is a major force behind lifting homeless people out of poverty and providing assistance to those in need in the Los Angeles, California area. This non-profit organization started in 1988 as homelessness increased in LA. Their mission statement today is to “develop systemic approaches to combat poverty and homelessness among families with children, and to enhance family economic security and well-being.”

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MealThanksgiving Food for the Needy- UPDATED

No one should go without a meal this Thanksgiving. Thousands of organizations are providing free meals and we've started building a list here. We'll add more as we get closer to the holiday. If you know of any meal locations for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Cityteam will be holding food box distributions and meals in five cities:
San Jose, California- 408-232-5600
Philadelphia- 610-872-6865
San Francisco- 415-861-8687
Oakland- 510-452-3758
Portland- 503-231-8894

Atlanta Area

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lady-deliveryHelping People with Disabilities Work

Goodwill Industries International, Inc. has stores all across the country that help to fund a work environment that provides people work opportunities, job skills training, employment placement and other services. Goodwill is well-known for its stores where donated merchandise is resold. They have been in business over 110 years!
The company has a network of over 160 independent, community-based Goodwills in the United States and Canada that have helped almost 7 million people train for careers. According to their website, during 2012 alone over 216,000 were able to find employment through Goodwill’s programs. Statistically this works out to someone getting a job every 33 seconds of a business day with the help of Goodwill.

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