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girl-studentEducational Resources for Parents of Children with Disabilities

Assistance for parents of children with disabilities.

State Departments of Education oversee disability education services to children enrolled in the public school systems. The Departments monitor all school districts within their states for compliance with the Federal IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), NCLB (No Child Left Behind Act of 2001)and state special education regulations. In most school systems there are ample opportunities for children with a wide range of disabling issues to partake in educational activities.

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Wallet with DollarBudgeting Tips

Budgeting is extremely important if you are on a fixed income.
Every year the purchasing power of our dollar decreases leaving many people wondering how to pay bills and buy food. Some people who used to be considered middle income are now closer to poverty than wealth. Without the ability to give yourself a pay raise, the alternatives are budgeting or counterfeiting. Since we know what happens if we print money, let’s discuss budgeting!

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piggy-bankMoney Saving Tips

Few people like spending more money than they have to.

 Many people could give themselves a virtual pay raise by saving thousands of dollars each year by following the simple suggestions outlined below. The annual savings after each suggestion are estimated and you may find that you save much more. We estimate that you could save as much as $1700 just by following these six simple ideas.

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view from an airplaneTraveling with a Disability

Having a disability can make travel a challenge.

The passing of the American Disabilities Act requiring businesses to conform to handicap accessibility standards has allowed people with even severe disabilities to leave home and enjoy what the world has to offer.

As challenging as it may seem, there are world travelers who are quadriplegics.  One of the more famous ones was Kirk Kilgour, a UCLA volleyball player, sports commentator and motivational speaker who reportedly made over 200 plane trips as a quadriplegic, some of which were international.

The following are some tips to help traveling with a disability to be smoother sailing.

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Dog in SnowWinterizing on the Cheap

Cheap tips for preparing your home for winter.
 Although parts of the country are seeing deadly heat wave, we are reminded that winter is just around the corner. Some areas could see their first snowfall in a little over a month. Preparation for cold weather does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money and when money is tight- that is important. Here are five economical tips that focus on a large bang for a small buck.

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