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Hands In, 03-26-12Ticket to Work: Support for People with Disabilities on the Job

Register for Work Incentive Seminar Events (WISE) Ticket to Work Webinar, “Support for People with Disabilities on the Job,” to learn more about the program and Social Security Disability Benefits today! This event will take place on Wednesday, April 24, 2013.

The Ticket to Work program is offered by the Social Security Administration program to support vocational development and career placement for individuals with disabilities who wish to work and achieve an improved standard of living by leaving benefits.  Anyone years 18-24, who receives Social Security Disability benefits or Supplemental Security Insurance because they are disabled, is eligible to participate in the program.  Ticket to Work serves as an opportunity to help those ready to work get started. 

The Ticket to Work program assists interested volunteers by connecting them with Employment Networks or State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies.  These resources will provide unique services and support to the individual to get them back on the career path.  Another key component that makes the Ticket to Work program attractive is the Work Incentives package that comes with successful employment.  These incentives make it possible for individuals to explore employment opportunities while still receiving both cash benefits and health care.

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Male Smiling, 01-25-12Never Give Up

Friends for Life assists individuals infected with HIV/AIDS gain coping skills, feel accepted within their community, and learn how to live well.

Beginning in early 1985, Friends for Life focused their HIV/AIDS prevention efforts by targeting Caucasian gay men in the Memphis Area.  Today, now 26 years later, Friends for Life is comprised of a staff that is highly reflective of the population it serves—with 67% of the staff being African American—41% are living with HIV/AIDS.  Over the past 10 years, a total of 87% of individuals assisted are African American with 43% being women and children.

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bowing headOne Neighbor at a Time

Here’s an organization that offers hope, compassion and assistance to individuals and families in the Washington, DC area:

Capitol Hill Group Ministry (CHGM) is a community service organization dedicated to “serving the community, one neighbor at a time”. Comprised of an interfaith coalition of congregations and concerned citizens, CHGM strives to meet the social and spiritual needs of families and individuals throughout Capitol Hill and Ward 6 communities as well as the homeless throughout the DC area. CHGM offers the following services and programs to empower and assist families and/or individuals through crisis/emergency situations:

Shirley’s Place – As DC’s only “drop-in” center, Shirley’s Place is a Day Hospitality Center for families and individuals in crisis. The Center provides a safe and healthy environment for individuals to participate in life skills workshops, receive case management services and use lavatory and laundry facilities. The Center also provides light meals and access to telephone services.

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mother and childAccepting and Overcoming the “Truths” of the Underprivileged

The following organization provides a variety of treatments and solutions for low-income individuals in the Birmingham, AL area:

Since they were founded in 1972, the local service organization, Aletheia House, has been providing substance abuse treatment and prevention services to at-risk individuals living in Greater Birmingham communities. When coming up with a name, the organization chose the Greek word “Aletheia,” which means “truth” or “the state of not being hidden.” Through acknowledging the many issues that the public faces today, Aletheia House has expanded their services to include HIV prevention, life coaching, counseling, employment training and placement, affordable housing, youth programs, and assistance for veterans.  Specifically, a few of the programs they offer include:

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411998 preschool_girl_learning_3Working Together to Educate

ABC Learn is a non-profit educational corporation that assists with reading, music, math, language arts, and free tutoring under No Child Left Behind (NCLB).  

ABC Learn has provided tutoring assistance in Los Angeles County and other surrounding Counties since 1996.  They understand that it can be difficult for teachers to educate children with differing levels of understanding in the classrooms of today. Through the coordinated efforts of the LAPD, LAUSD, LA County Department of Education and other public officials, ABC Learn has received success in reaching and assisting students in a positive manner to enable them to achieve much higher scholastic scores.

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