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Pill Spill, 09-26-12Additional Prescription Discounts

NeedyMeds is an internet-based, non-profit organization that connects consumers to healthcare resources, like patient assistance programs (PAPs), and also offers a NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card for consumers.     

Founded in 1997, NeedyMeds was created to serve as a source for people to find comprehensive and up-to-date information on Patient Assistance Programs (PAPS).  Today, their website continues to assist consumers with locating free or low cost clinics, diagnosis assistance, state assistance programs and offers a free NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card.

In addition to finding valuable information about patient programs on their website, NeedyMeds provides a Drug Discount Card, which offers savings on prescription cost that can save consumers up to 80%.  This card can be used even if you have insurance but not combined.  Consumers are suggested to use the NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card when their prescription is not covered under their insurance plan, there is a high deductible, or if the cap has been reached.  NeedyMeds Drug Discount Cards are accepted at Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS and other major pharmacy chains. 

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BlogLeading the Way in Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment

The following organization hopes to provide vulnerable children in the Los Angeles area the opportunity to achieve endless possibilities:

Children's Bureau of Los Angeles is the largest investor in child abuse prevention, treatment and advocacy in the United States.  They are committed to protect children from situations of neglect and abuse by offering an array of prevention programs designed to nurture the child, strengthen the family and build a caring community. In addition to prevention programs, Children’s Bureau hopes to advance the welfare of children and allow them the opportunity to grow into caring and productive adults by providing their knowledge and resources about foster care, adoptions, support groups, child development, school readiness, family resource centers, parent education, mental health counseling, research and advocacy.


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Photoxpress 16910167Ten Phone Apps to Help Those With Disabilities


These ten apps could make life easier for people living with disabilities.


Living life with a disability can be a struggle. Here are ten phone apps that may make life a bit easier. It should be noted that the Cochran Firm is not connected with any of these apps, developers or companies and is not endorsing them. Some of the apps we have tried ourselves and have found useful.

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Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services helps people with disabilitiesFreedom to Live

Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services helps people with disabilities.


Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services (MDRS)helps people with disabilities to gain employment, retain employment and/or to live independently by working with both disabled individuals and employers.

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Life without Limits for People with Disabilities

The following organization may be helpful for individuals with cerebral palsy and/or other disabilities in the Birmingham, AL area:

Cerebral palsy is a condition that indicates dysfunction in body movements and muscle coordination. Often diagnosed within a child’s first few years of life, Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to one or more specific areas of the brain, usually occurring during fetal development; before, during or shortly after birth; or during infancy. Although cerebral palsy is incurable, extensive training and therapy can help improve an individual’s functioning handicap signskills.

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