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handing moneyFinancial Help in Atlanta (and the Rest of the Country)

Having a disability can really put a damper on income. It is not uncommon for people to file for bankruptcy or lose their homes while waiting as long as two years for Social Security disability benefits to be approved. Even if everything is going your way and your initial application is approved, the wait time to actually receive a check can be six to seven months after the disability began. Although we are going to review some of the ways to obtain financial assistance in Atlanta, many of these same opportunities exist in other locations throughout our country.

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SSA LogoSocial Security Disability Statistics for April 2016

Statistics provided by the Social Security Administration follow a couple months behind. Here is the latest information.

Number of people receiving Social Security disability benefits who are disabled, under age 65-
    14,173,000 (includes children receiving SSI).
    The average monthly benefit amount for a disabled worker was $1,022.

Number of people receiving SSI only age 18 to 64-
        4,896,000 with an average monthly pay of $561.  

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tennis ballTennis Ball Miracles

We’ve all probably bounced a tennis ball once or twice without ever thinking about its uses beyond a game. However, the lowly tennis ball can be a game changer for many people with disabilities. Many of the tools and implements we use in our everyday lives such as eating utensils and toothbrushes have small handles making them difficult to hold. A tennis ball can solve some of these problems as well as other issues we may come across.

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Money Help

money in a circle around a dollar coinA couple months ago I posted a story answering the question if a landlord could evict someone who is disabled. I, of course, hope that you never reach the point of eviction so I wanted to follow up with ways you could receive financial assistance to get you past a rough point.

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deniedWhy Should I Appeal an SSDI Denial?

It’s no secret that the Social Security Administration denies most disability applications. First time applicants are rejected at just under 65% of the time. The SSA knows that many of the denied applicants will not appeal because some people are not familiar with the appeal process and some just decide not to bother appealing. Others take the bull by the horns and try again.  

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