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scam alertScammed

With only an average thousand bucks a month coming in, most people receiving Social Security disability benefits can hardly be classified as rich. Thus they have to constantly look for bargains and sales in order to make ends meet or do things like go somewhere on vacation. Because the need for lower prices is great, sometimes this group becomes more open to be scammed as their need for deals makes them an “ideal” target.

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smiling ladyGo Ahead, Make My Day!

Some days are so difficult to get through. It seems like our pains, struggles and depression seem to compound once they get started! Some days it takes heroic effort just to get out of bed, but then someone will come along and make our day better. Perhaps it’s just a word of encouragement from a friend. Another day it may be a note card arriving in the mail. On a dreary day brightness may even come from something as simple as a colorful flower. Here’s a few ways you can brighten someone’s day today.

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man in wheelchairSSDI or SSI?

Many people confuse the terms SSI and SSDI when it comes to disability. However, they are two separate programs and, although related, are very much different. In similarity, both programs are a part of the Social Security system and provide paychecks to people who are unable to work due to disabilities, but that is where the similarities end.

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three childrenMay is Foster Care Month

There are a myriad of myths and beliefs about the foster care system and the children within it. The month of May is Foster Care Month so I wanted to take a moment to focus on this vital service. Most people are familiar with foster care. In case you are not, to put it simply, foster care is a government program operated by each state individually where a state agency removes children from their parent(s) or guardians. The child becomes eligible for adoption if the guardian does not follow through with the requirements the state sets for return of the children. The process for removal of the child from the home to becoming eligible for adoption may take upwards of two years. Until the time a child is adopted they are placed in group homes and/or foster homes. Older children and those with health or mental issues may never be adopted and may simply “age-out” of the system when they turn 18.

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table and chairDifference Between a Disability Advocate and a Disability Lawyer

Most people begin looking for help obtaining disability benefits after their application has been denied. If you are one of these people you may come across websites using two terms that are easy to get confused, but mean two entirely different things. Confusion over the terms, advocate and lawyer, may actually be detrimental to your case!

The terms advocate and lawyer become extremely important when you choose to hire a professional advocate. There are literally dozens of companies and organizations that offer their services and use these terms.

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