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signpostWhere is that Agency?

One of our readers sent in this note, “I've realized throughout the past few years that searching for contact information for any local government, or even state government office I'm trying to contact is a total nightmare. The contact info is often scattered across multiple websites, with each office having its own, or even worse, I end up on [a search engine] sorting through listing after listing until 20 minutes later I realize that what I was looking for isn't even listed anywhere - ie state IRS offices, local courts, sheriffs, or even the DMV.”

Our reader gave us a great website that solves some of the problems she mentioned and we’ve added to her recommendation two more websites with more resources to help you locate government agencies from small to large.

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cola being poured into a glassCOLA- It’s Not a Drink

You may have heard the term COLA mentioned recently in regards to Social Security disability payments. You may not understand exactly what it is or how it affects you. Let’s take a look at it.

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fingers feeling brailleBraille Literacy Month

Most of us have heard about the Braille system of raised dots that enable a visually impaired person to read. We’ve all seen them on elevator operation panels and outside rooms in public places. However, most of us probably know little about how the embossed system came to be in existence.

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guiltI Receive SSDI and I feel Guilty

Many people who obtain Social Security disability benefits feel ashamed or guilty to be taking money from the government. Many of us were taught to be self-sufficient during our upbringing, so accepting a “hand-out” does not feel right. The feelings tend to worsen with people who do not have visible disabilities because many people in this situation may already feel that other people are looking down on them. Let’s consider a couple of things.

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peach melbaPeach Melba Day

Most of the country is hunkered down trying to make it through cold weather about now so the thought of eating ice cream may be repulsive to some. But January 13th is Peach Melba day and this dessert is just good enough to eat anytime! Read on for an easy recipe that will keep you occupied for about thirty minutes.

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