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best of 2015Most Popular Blog Articles for 2015

We try to bring our readers informative articles on a wide variety of topics. Although most articles deal with Social Security disability in one way or another, our second largest topic area has to do with items of interest specifically for people who may be coping with disabilities. Finally, we also touch on items of interest to anyone, such as cooking, alleviating boredom and self-help. Over the course of time it is interesting to see the topics that generate the most interest from our readers. Here are 2015’s most read blog articles in order of readership.

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eviction notice on doorI’m Disabled. Can My Landlord Evict Me?

On occasion we read in the paper or see a story on TV about a person being evicted. Inevitably the tenant is someone with disabilities who cannot afford the rent due to medical bills and low pay from Social Security disability benefits. This makes for a good public interest story, but after the news reporter goes home the question remains. Can a landlord evict a tenant who is disabled?

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child in Christmas hatChildren with Disabilities Holiday Survival Guide

Due to their level of life experiences children are less able to comprehend change and are less adept at handling it. We can completely mess with their little minds when we throw holidays at them! Even children with no mental or physical disabilities can have trouble navigating this time of year. Let’s look at some tips to help your child have a successful holiday season.

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youre-firedIt’s Been MONTHS and my Lawyer Still Says to Wait

There’s a complaint we hear frequently from potential clients who contact us and request a case transfer from another lawyer. The common complaint is that their first lawyer is taking too long and it’s been months since they have worked on their case. In many instances the person contacting us is in a dire financial situation and has waited over a year to get a disability hearing date.

But is it the disability attorney’s fault that the case seems to be lingering?

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Residual functional capacity test

Pass the Residual Functional Capacity Test

The Residual Functional Capacity test (RFC) is one of the determining factors of acceptance or denial of Social Security Disability benefits. In some cases this one assessment makes all the difference. When you apply for disability benefits an SSA assessor completes the assessment based on the medical records you have submitted or the SSA has gathered. Although there is a section for the assessor to list deviations between medical records and what you have indicated your problems are, it is primarily based on the written documents your doctor(s) sent to the SSA.

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