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free stuffWhere to Get a Free Wheelchair & Other Free Stuff for People with Disabilities

When a disability strikes and jobs are lost money gets tight very fast. Along with the disability is the need for assistive devices, medications and other items. Many people struggle just to cover the cost of these items, much less even considering recreation to relieve stress.

Typical assistive devices can be extremely expensive. For instance, I was looking for a simple cane and found prices upwards of $30 from national pharmaceutical stores. A wheelchair’s minimal price can easily be over $100 for a bottom-of-the-line model. In many cases insurance or government assistance will cover the cost of medically necessary devices, but many people are still left purchasing devices with their own money and, therefore, need to find items at little or no cost. 

Below is a list of items that I have found for free or very low cost to help a person with a disability obtain items they need. I’ve even included a way for you to visit recreation sites without charge so you can have an enjoyable day away from the house.

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lady looking leftSorry. No More Disability Benefits For You.

Social Security disability benefits are paid to people who fit the criteria of “unable to work gainfully.” This essentially means that due to some physical condition(s) a person cannot hold a regular job matching their ability or skill level to an extent that they are able to earn a livable income. Of course, being a government program, that definition is way more simplistic than it is in real life and that is where this article comes in. Thousands of people lose their disability benefits each year.  What are some of the reasons people lose their benefits?

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Not Wheelchair accessible stepsFunding Home Mods After Disability

Purchasing a home is an exciting experience for most people. It signals a new chapter in life. However, excitement can quickly spiral downward if disability strikes a member of the household and realization sets in that the house was not built to accommodate special physical needs. Remodeling a house to meet impairment requirements can be severely cost prohibitive and usually comes at a time when bills are already at a high point and cash is not free flowing. Here are some tips, suggestions and ways to remodel as well as sources of funding to help a person survive this time period.

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JAN (Job Accommodation Network)Meet JAN

No, JAN is not a female! Instead, JAN stands for the Job Accommodation Network, a service provided by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP). JAN helps businesses provide accommodations for people with disabilities. Its website ( lists dozens of specific medical and physical problems and then provides ideas for possible accommodation solutions. JAN also has consultants who can give one-on-one consultations with business owners or employees to help solve issues relating to the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) and workplace accommodations.

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child covering faceAm I Too Young (or Too Old) for Social Security Disability?

Social Security disability benefits are based on the number of years a person has worked and paid into the Social Security disability system prior to the date they became disabled. Therefore, although age may play a part in approval of benefits, it matters only in the aspect that a person may not be old enough to have put in the required time. In another article we reviewed the Recent Work Test and outlined the criteria the Social Security Administration uses to determine eligibility so we will not rehash that in this article.

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