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heart with doveConsider Becoming a Donor Today


Chris Henry had a promising career with the Cincinnati Bengals as a wide-receiver. However the dream ended with a horrific car accident in December 2009. After Chris was declared dead the next morning, his mother, Carolyn Henry Glasby, consented for his organs to be donated to people in need. Subsequently, his lungs, liver, pancreas and kidneys were given to people whose lives hung in the balance between death and life. Below is a video of his mom’s story.

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test written on chalkboardWhat is the “Recent Work Test”?

The Social Security Administration has set numerous qualifications for Social Security Disability. One of the automatic disqualifiers for benefits is failure to pass the Recent Work Test. What is this test that bears so heavily on the applicant?

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frightened ladyScared to New Life

I know it is not Halloween, but I have been thinking about this incident for a while, well, ever since it happened in 1998. It is actually one of the highlights of my life, but no one really knows that- until now. In the late 1990’s I worked for a community ambulance service. We staffed our ambulances with a mix of volunteers and poorly paid employees. Money was always tight and we made due with fixing things to make them work. One year someone came up with the idea of creating a haunted house fundraiser during Halloween. Now if you want a truly fascinating haunted experience you should ask a bunch of paramedics who have experienced true ghoul to design your haunted house.

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girl smilingRandom Acts of Kindness

Want to make someone smile today? Do an unexpected act of kindness. Some of the best acts do not require money or lots of time such as

$1·         Open a door for someone.

$1·         Send an email of encouragement.

$1·         Make a phone call to check on someone.

$1·         Simply say, “Hi.”

$1·         Ask someone how they are doing and then actually listen to their response.

$1·         Smile at a passing stranger.

The concepts behind random acts of kindness and paying it forward are nothing new. They have probably been around ever since humans were placed on this earth, but sometimes we need a reminder to stop looking inward and look out instead.

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colorful fox butterfly

Consider the Butterfly

Butterflies can be very dainty creatures ranging from ½ inch across to gigantic flying machines at 11 inches. Some are very beautiful with bright, vibrant color schemes of reds, blues, yellows, and greens along with an iridescent kaleidoscope mix. Other butterflies appear to be quite boring with simple browns or solid colors. The butterfly has long been used in fables as an encouragement for strength, stamina and determination due the struggle it must perform to emerge from its restrictive cocoon in order to become the flighty wonder we enjoy in our gardens each summer. 

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