What to Expect after your Social Security disability benefits have been deniedWhat to Expect after your Social Security disability benefits have been denied

If you are denied SSDI benefits at the end of the level one waiting period, you have the right to file for a reconsideration or first appeal. But you must file this within sixty days of your Social Security disability claim being denied. If you do not file your reconsideration request in sixty days, your application for SSDI benefits will not be reconsidered. At the second level, your medical and vocational information will be reviewed and updated, if necessary. At the second level, a different Social Security Administration (SSA) representative reviews your Social Security disability application (a different person does this because a new set of eyes may find something the first SSA representative reviewing your application did not see).

The most important thing to remember is that although this is a very long and often frustrating process, persistence can pay off. There are several steps or "stages" involved in the SSDI process and each one presents its unique set of challenges. In many cases, it takes up to two years after initial application is made for a person to be approved for Social Security disability benefits. Below are the approximate percentages of claims approved at each level:

Level One: Initial     35%

Level Two: Reconsideration     15%

Level Three: Hearing     50%

Level Four: Appeals Council     3%

Level Five: Federal Court     5%


If your disability claim has been denied, contact the Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers. Many of our clients are enjoying their benefit payments today after the Firm's Social Security disability attorneys assisted them in appealing their denial. A denial does not mean the end!

There is no fee if you do not win your benefits!
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