Degenerative Disc Disease and Social Security DisabilityDegenerative Disc Disease and Social Security Disability

Degenerative disc disease most often occurs when we age. It’s a disease that affects the intervertebral discs in your back. These discs are like cushion in between the vertebrae in the spine helping to carry weight and provide stability and smooth movement. These discs can lose their spring and flexibility. When these discs start to break down and lose their ability to provide a cushion, it can result in trouble moving, stiffness and pain.

Although it’s most common to see degenerative disc disease present itself as we age, unfortunately, it can also affect those who are only in their twenties. Degenerative disc disease can affect any part of the back, although it’s most commonly found in the lower lumbar area and the higher part of the spine near the neck.

If you have degenerative disc disease, you may suffer from the following:

  • Pain when lifting, turning or sitting for longs periods of time
  • More comfort when walking or running
  • More comfort when lying down
  • More comfort when changing positions frequently

If you experience leg pain or numbness, or loss of bladder control, you should seek medical attention immediately. Degenerative disc disease can severely impair your motion and affect your ability to continue working, and you may be entitled to received monetary benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance.

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