History of SSDIHistory of SSDI

Although the long-term fate of the federal government’s Social Security program is yet to be seen, at present it is an integral income supplement for retired and disabled persons. Here is a brief overview of how today’s Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) system was formed.

The Original Social Security

The original form of our modern Social Security program was instituted to provide Civil War veterans with pensions. At first, the pension benefits were only dispersed to disabled Union veterans who were injured in combat, then later expanded to all Union soldiers.

Roosevelt’s Social Insurance

During the Great Depression in the 1930s, the need for an all-inclusive pension and disability plan became evident. Former President Roosevelt promoted the idea of "social insurance," which directly resulted in the Social Security system we utilize today. President Roosevelt assembled an organization called the Committee on Economic Safety, which set up provisions that allowed workers to form "retirement accounts" that they could contribute to regularly. In 1935, this unofficial plan became the Social Security Act, or SSA law. Years later in 1956, disability provisions were written into the law. Today, workers who have become disabled due to conditions like amputation, back injury, arthritis, or cancer are entitled to receive a portion of their income to replace income lost as a result of their impairments’ debilitating physical or mental effects.

Today’s SSDI Restrictions

If you are applying for disability benefits, there are restrictions that you should be aware of. Among the provisions in effect today: You may not be eligible for SSDI benefits if you engage in "substantially gainful activity." Also, your disability must be expected to last at least 12 months or be considered terminal to qualify for benefits. More about the SSDI qualifications.

Americans pay into the Social Security Disability Insurance fund with a percentage of each check. It is puzzling, then, why so many deserving, disabled people are denied benefits that they are entitled to. At The Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers, we spend countless hours fighting red tape and unfair denials to help clients get crucial Social Security income.

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