Myths About SSDIMyths About SSDI

There is a lot of speculation about the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program and the best ways to go about getting approval for benefits. Below, we address some of the most common myths about SSDI and provide valuable information about the system.

An SSDI benefits denial means I cannot receive benefits.

False. Most applicants are denied SSDI benefits at the initial application stage. Please visit our page on what to do in the event of an SSDI denial. You may also contact the Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers for a FREE disability evaluation. Fill out the form on this page and one of our team members will call you back. A Social Security disability lawyer may be able to improve your chances of successfully appealing your disability denial. 

My condition will be rejected because it is not life-threatening.

False. Social Security disability benefits are for people who are unable to work for a minimum of 12 months. Your physician will need to show that your disability is expected to last at least a year, and you can collect benefits until your condition becomes non-disabling or a substantial income source changes your financial status.

An SSDI attorney will cost me money I do not have.

False. SSDI attorneys cannot charge you for representation before an outcome is reached. The law states that you pay no fee to a disability attorney unless you receive a favorable judgment. If you are approved for benefits, the disability lawyer’s fees can be transferred from your SSDI back pay straight to your law firm. The Cochran Firm Disability Lawyer's social security attorneys try to make the process easy for you.

I do not need to gather medical reports to prove my disability.

False. The better records you can keep that document your disability at different stages, the better your chances of receiving SSDI benefits.

The SSDI application process is confusing and time-consuming.

False. The SSDI application process can be completed online. An experienced SSDI attorney or advocate can help streamline the process and make sure all of the pertinent information is submitted in a timely fashion potentially saving you much time an effort, which is another good reason to contact us today at the Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers for a free evaluation of your SSDI claim.

A simple form from my doctor will prove I am disabled.

The written medical documentation required to prove disability is very specific, requires precise details, and can change from year to year. The SSA will determine disability based on the restrictions your doctor or doctors place on your physical and mental state. The SSA does not take into account the doctor’s opinion on whether or not you should work. A vocational expert may be used to decide whether or not you are unable to perform job duties. A Social Security disability lawyer can provide you with crucial information on how to meet all of the documentation requirements and improve your chance of getting approved for SSDI benefits.

Extra income will disqualify me from the SSDI benefit program.

That all depends on the average amount of funds you have coming in each month. The SSA has placed an income cap on the amount you may be able to receive while still maintaining your eligibility for SSDI benefits. For the year 2009, if you earn an average of $980 or more per month, you may be disqualified for benefits. This is calculated as an average, so if there are short, temporary periods of earned income, you may still be eligible for SSDI income.

Learn more about the Social Security Disability Insurance program and find out what type of benefits you may be eligible to receive. Please contact the SSDI lawyers at The Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers to set up a free review of your case.

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