SSDI Process Level FourSSDI Process Level Four

The process to collect Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can be a long one and a difficult one. It is estimated that well over 70% of all Social Security for disability insurance applications are denied. For this reason, it is important that you have an experienced SSDI attorney on your side. The Social Security for disability lawyers at The Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers have worked diligently to get families just like yours the benefits to which you are entitled following your accident, illness or injury.

No one ever plans to become disabled. Disabling injuries and illnesses are most often sudden; people do not "prepare" to become disabled. Many of our clients never would have been approved for Social Security for disability benefits had they not contacted The Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers. Approximately 65% of claims are denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA) at the first level of the five level process necessary to receive Social Security for disability benefits. At the second level, a whopping 87% of first appeals are denied. Please let us help you end up in the 13% of applicants that are approved for Social Security for disability.

There are five levels in the SSDI application process, and each one depends upon the level before it. We have already explained what happens at level one, level two, and level three. Now, let us move on to level four of the five level Social Security for disability process.

SSDI Level Four

If you are denied Social Security for disability benefits at level three, the hearing stage, you can appeal again after sixty days. At this level of the application process, you can ask for a review of the decision made by the Administrative Law Judge by the Appeals Council. The Appeals Council will review the disability hearing decision (level three) and decide if it was the proper decision according to law. You must know that only 3% of third appeals result in a favorable decision for the applicant. According to the Social Security Administration, the average wait time for a decision on the third appeal is 227 days. The number of days applicants will have to wait for an answer will probably increase each year due to the increasing number of SSDI applicants, according to the SSA.

If you have become disabled and are no longer able to work, it is wise to have an experienced Social Security disability lawyer on your side. The SSDI lawyers at The Cochran Firm Disability Lawyers have helped thousands of families just like yours get the compensation to which you are entitled following your injury or illness. Please contact our Social Security for disability lawyer's office today to schedule your confidential consultation. Fill out the form now.

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